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Teeze and curl – all you need to know for faking 18th century style hair

April 18, 2012

Stacey Black, the writer of the blog Aestethic Contradiction, also the woman behind Eustratia (mentioned here) – just put up a very simple tutorial for making “Marie Antoinette inspired hair“. If you know how to teeze/backcomb and how to curl your hair – there’s nothing to it! Ofc long hair is recommended. And it would be super cool to have that hair color of hers – but for us who dare not bleach it for one or the other reason (bleaching my hair from black would kill it) – there’s always powder, right!? ;D Or why not buy a wig to style in this matter?



August 26, 2011

Ok, it’s actually not entirely done (stomacher problems etc.), but since we took some photos and they turned out allright… ;D I want you to know that I am well aware that this look, with the tricorne and all, is not in any way historically correct – it’s not meant to be. Also, I did not have a mirror when dressing and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t very well fitted until I saw the photos when we came home. *Doh* Anywhooooo, I am EXTREEEEEEMELY pleased with myself!!!

Will and wigs

January 3, 2011

I’ve been drawn to the pet-en-l’air more and more lately, nothing’s happened yet – but at least I have the will to keep sewing! XD
I had an awful dream last night – I came to some sort of costume meeting in my half finished outfit, I just had one hoop and had to hold everything up and together – extremely embarrassing!!!
I feel that if I only could get past this trimming part it’ll all flow better. I’ve been thinking about restorting to the machine for the petticoat, but as I write this I’m reconsidering it. ;D

On another note, I just found an amazing wig maker on Etsy! Guess the name! – AntoinettesAtelier ofc! If I only had the money!

More after the cut!



September 11, 2009

I just added the very “expensive” wig to the total of what I’ve spent so far on the outfit. I also added the lace I’m going to use for the shifts aaaaaand a linen sheet I bought at the same time as the gloves that I’m going to use for the shifts! ;D
   The list now has two totals – with and without the wig. I just felt the wig kinda ruined my very cheap total… Hehe… ^^;

Pouf power!

April 29, 2009

Some time ago Vivien put up an excellent “Georgian Pouf” tutorial at Fancy Girl. In it we can learn how to make our very own super cute curly pouf to match our super cute 18th century outfits. When it’s done you just secure it on your head and style your own hair around it! It looks great! And it sounds reeeeeally easy with easy-to-find-materials! So some day I might make my own pouf! =D



April 2, 2009

I feel a little bad for not keeping up here, mostly for myself, cuz I really miss the blog, hehe… ^^; But I have my reasons – I’ve just started my practical training in the teachers program, this is my final year of 5 and it’s a pretty big deal for me, hehe. I’ve been coming home from the school where I have my training and just sat myself down on the couch and then I’ve just been like glued there – I’ve been so mentally tired I haven’t been able to decide if I should put on the tv or make myself some tea, so I just don’t do either. But it’s a good fatigue! I’m haveing such a good time with the students, both the students and the other teachers are becoming like a family to me, hehe.
   Anywhoooooos! I’ve anwsered all comments and read some of all the posts on other blogs. Right now I don’t feel much like reading, but I thought that since I’ve had photos of me in that wig I bought for like forever, at least I could touch them up a bit and put them up here!

wig 2

wig 1


When I first got the wig I was horrified! It was so small, way too small for my head… And then it hit me that it might be one of those wigs where you actually aren’t supposed to have it cover your like hair line in the forhead (what ever it’s called in English). So I put it a bit longer back and tried to comb my bangs up. My bangs are black though, so it looked kinda awful, then I thought: “Why not do it the 18th century way and try some powder?” – I had no great expectations that baby powder (don’t ask me why I have that at home!) would cover the black very good, but it actually blended in very well, the wig is a bit dark itself. As you might notice my bangs are a bit spiky there too, but I bet it’ll look better if I try to curl it a bit to follow the waves of the wig. =) I used my handmade jewellry to top the whole thing off! ;D
  Whaddaya think? ;D
   Oh, here’s a bonus picture of the wig and the hat! ;D

wig + hat

Made a lot of new friends…

February 17, 2009

Since I started this project I’ve made sooooo many new friends! Love it – love YOU!

I got to talking to the girl I bought the wig from and I thought that I should advertise her a little bit. She sells more 18th century related products on a Swedish auction site – could be of interest. I’ve also now learned that she’s thinking of starting a site or selling her wigs on Ebay – so I’ll get back to you about her! 😉

Got myself a wig!!!

February 15, 2009

I just won an auction for a great looking 18th style wig!!! *Dance* It totally has potential:

Wig 1

Wig 2

Hairpiece base for do?

February 4, 2009

One cold night long time ago… Well a couple of weeks anyway… I tried out some ideas for a 1700’s hair-do if I wouldn’t find a nice wig. After seeing all these good tutorials on making 18th century hair-do’s I figured I might be able to use that pony tail piece  I have as a base to build on. I didn’t really try very hard and I didn’t wat to put in any products at that time in case it would ruin the pony tail piece – so the bangs are totally outta control and stuff. But it made me confident that I can make something very nice with my hair later on! ^^ I don’t think I’ll be able to to a real pompadour-high thing though, hehe ^^;
   I tied together the tail with a bow from a piece of the same pink ribbon from the hat, put in some bobby-pins with black roses, et voilá:

hair?Feautured in this pic is also the jewellry I made.

À l’independance ou le Triomphe de la liberté!

January 15, 2009

The perruque of perruques of the 18th century must have been the ship wig of Marie Antoinette:


Just now I found a wonderful and easy way of having a ship of your own in your hair! While surfing “rococo” in deviantART’s jewellry category I found this:


Isn’t it wonderful!? ^.^ I have been thinking about the possibilities of making something like this with a diadem, I’m definetley gonna “steal” this idea and make something like it in the future!
   And talking about wigs… For those of you playing The Sims 2: Some time ago I made four Louis XVI wigs to download for your game here. 😉

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