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Fly fringe shawl

April 15, 2012

Many of you are probably familiar with the fly fringe, explained by Vivien, but have you seen a whole garment made out of it? While browsing Nordiska museet’s collections I found this shawl that seems to be just that!

Swedish fan

June 30, 2011

This is a post mostly based upon the fact that I’m Swedish, but I think all of us can appreciate great workmanship when we see it. ūüėČ
See, I was browsing the MET for my new Tumblr – Awesome fashions of all times, and I searched for what Swedish obejcts they might have. I came across this very elaborate fan from the 18th century, made by a Swedish¬†fellow named Carl Gustav Klingstedt in 1715‚Äď25.
The motif is somewhat macabre Рscenes from land and sea battles. I guess you would want to depict your countrys proudest moments where people can see them and Sweden was kind of a superpower in Europe in the 17th century and fought big battles, see. Prolly made sense back then Рbut to me it looks strange. XD

Swedish fan at the MET

Swedish fan at the MET





Finished walking stick! <3

May 25, 2011

I’ve finally put together my extremely cheap walking stick!

To remind you: I got this awesome black bamboo stick for 10 SEK (about 1 EUR, 1,55 USD and not even 1 GBP)!¬†It’s actually a garden decoration, but it’s straight, light and hard – plus it totally has that chinoise air! The knob is a curtain rod knob I got second hand for 5 SEK (about 0,50 EUR, 0,78 USD and 0,50 GBP). More about¬†where I got the materials¬†in this post.

So I’ve spent about 1,50 EUR, or 2,33 USD, or about 1,50 GBP on this beauty. Smiling Fox Forge’s walking stick is $50 – without the chinoise air! ;P The total length is about 147 cm.

NEW walking stick and top knob!

February 9, 2011

Sorry for being away for a while, I’ve been working a lot. I know I have a few unanwsered comments, I’ll get to them. ^^;

It seems buying stuff is easier than making the pet-en-l’air, suprise suprise. ;P
¬†¬† Last week I bought a new walking stick! I have no pic yet – since it’s still in Robbie’s car. But it’s bamboo and it’s black and I baught it for 10 SEK – that’s about 1 EUR, 1,55 USD and not even 1 GBP! It’s actually made for garden decoration, so the quality might not be the best – but I don’t think I’m gonna go on extreme hikes with it anyway! It’ll look great in photos I should think! ;D
¬†¬† For Swedes I can recommend taking a look at your local Granng√•rden store! That’s where I baught mine and they¬†had these bamboo sticks in all sorts of colors, I was very tempted to buy a pink one! ;D¬†Many were cracked where I bought mine though, so¬†look at the stick before you buy it!
¬†¬† And just today I bought a top knob for it! My first thought was “curtain rod knob”, and my second thought was “second hand”! I went to my favorite Myrorna last week and came home empty handed – but today I went after work just because I was passing by. I found this little cute knob. And it’s not plastic (like most I found the last time) – it’s brass (I think)! <D And what did it cost me? 5 SEK! About 0,50 EUR, 0,78 USD and 0,50 GBP!

Will and wigs

January 3, 2011

I’ve been drawn to the pet-en-l’air more and more lately, nothing’s happened yet – but at least I have the will to keep sewing! XD
I had an awful dream last night – I came to some sort of costume meeting in my half finished outfit, I just had one hoop and had to hold everything up and together –¬†extremely embarrassing!!!
I feel that if I only could get past this trimming part it’ll all flow better. I’ve been thinking about restorting to the machine for the petticoat, but as I write this I’m reconsidering it. ;D

On another note, I just found an amazing wig maker on Etsy! Guess the name! РAntoinettesAtelier ofc! If I only had the money!

More after the cut!


Medieval materials for the 18th century reenactor?

November 29, 2010

I was just cleaning up my favourites and¬†I found this Swedish shop selling stuff for the medieval reenactor – Medeltidsmode. I had a look through the shop to see if I should save the link. I am interested in medieval reenacting, but right not I have only the 18th century on my mind – so my radar is set on that period. When looking through the goods I found myself thinking: “Ooh, that fabric would do nicely for shifts” a.s.o.
   They also have these old-fashioned pins, said to be perfect for fine fabrics:

So go have a look through the shop! Or go have a look in other medieval or maybe¬†renaissance reenacting shops. Everything wasn’t new and novel in the 18th century – still today we use techniques and materials with roots waaaaay back in the history of fashion. ;D


November 19, 2010


Sorry, been busy – but look what I found! =D

Shoe problem

August 1, 2010

Baaah! Now I remember why I stopped in the middle of¬†rococo-ifying the shoes! The tounges I made fit over the gaps from the old rubber bands when I don’t wear them, but are too small when I do wear them. The top of my foot is too high! It’s just like half a centimeter or something, so maybe I can fit it somehow, but it just got a whole lot more boooooring!

I have a STICK

May 7, 2010

¬†¬† I always take a power walk before breakfast (no, not power nap ;P),¬†along Svart√•n – the small river that runs through √Ėrebro where I live. This morning was no different, except I saw something long and very straight washed up¬†on the bank. It was a perfect stick for a walking stick! It’s a weee bit crooked at the bottom – but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find something as straight for free. It’s dirty and still has it’s bark, but I think it’ll be super nice after a little care! =D

Silk & the 18th century in Swedish radio

March 24, 2010

It just struck me that¬†I forgot to post the promised photos of that yellow silk I’m aiming to use for a pair of mitts. So here they come! ;D

This is the box I found it in, it says “Yellow silk for table cloth” in my grandmother’s writing. I’m guessing it’s left-overs from the making of the table¬†cloth, saved in case the table cloth would be damaged.

And the silk:

And for¬†my fellow¬†Swedish-speaking 18th century-philes… This morning my favourite morning radio show, Morgonpasset i P3, had a guest – Sara Lodin. She’s an 18th century freak and¬†anwsered questions about the 18th century in the show this morning. Listen to the show here. And here’s a pic¬†of Sara in full gear in the studio (from the site):

Well, now I’m off for sewing! ;D

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