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Stuck in book

June 28, 2009

Yeah, so I haven’t been sewing much. But I have my reasons! And these past few days I’ve been reading that book about Madame de Pompadour. It’s really interesting, since it not only is about the lovely creature herself – it also has little funny facts about the life in Versailles, the coedes end ettiquette and stupid little rules and of course notes about the clothing! In one part Lindqvist tells us how Casanova in his memoirs describes seeing some 20 women in hurry:

…but they walked in a curious way, they seemed to stumble forward. He learned that because they all wanted to seem as tall as possible they wore 15 cm [about 6″] heels, which made them walk with bent knees. (p. 103-104, my translation)

Now I’m a rather big fan of heels, so I thought this was really interesting. I have heels no taller than 8″ myself (me in boots), so 6″ isn’t that big of a deal to me and I’ve never experienced the problem of walking funny – on the other hand I probably would with paniers and a 20 kg dress on, and the models of shoes look rather unstable somethimes, hehe. ;D I would soooo love to have those 6″ 18th century heels though!

18th century heelsPicture from Johanna’s Flickr photostream

I’ve been browsing second hand for a good pair of 18th century looking shoes, even shoes with just the Louis or Pompadour heel so I can re-dress them – but with no result, they’re all the wrong size if I find something! I really can’t afford buying those super fancy 18th century copies! =((( Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.

A little old experiments…

June 17, 2009

Some time ago I experimented with some tutorials I found among Kristina’s stuff, I just remembered that I forgot to blog it! XD
   Here’s some Hedebo lace I tried on (the only kind of lace I have ever done) in flax/linen thread… Oh yeah – do not ask me what it is cuz I’ve found extremely little facts about it! – I have a tutorial in Swedish though if someone is interested – don’t worry about the language cuz there’s very good illustrations. =)


I’m thinking I might use it as trim on my flounces or something. =)

And here’s some white embroidery I tried on with a too thick thread and in a very wrong color… XD


Pinking scissors – check!

June 17, 2009

Yesterday I bought myself a pair of pinking scissors from Prym, don’t know how good a brand it is, but they were quite expensive so I hope they’ll do the job (haven’t tried them yet).

Prym Pinking Scissors

I’ve heard it said that the zig zag version isn’t the most accurate for the 18th century, but I have quite a few pictures in my folders that suggest otherwise. Other resources clearly show that zig zag patterns were used, but mostly within a scallop pattern…


And then I remembered that I found this site looong time ago. There, the writer (I’m guessing Jessamyn) writes:

I don’t own a pinking punch, so I relied on modern pinking shears. The only problem is that they just produce a tiny zigzag along the edge of your material – no typical 18th-century curves. Although extant garments use this kind of straightforward pinked edge, it’s mostly on narrow trims (less than perhaps 2″ wide), not on deep borders…

So I’m thinking I’ll do the same as she has done – cut little scallops with the pinking scissors! =D


And here’s a very cute example of the zig zag used in the 18th century:

ex pinkingImage from Johanna‘s Flickr photostream

I’m using it for a trim for my pet-en-l’air… ;D

The 18th Century Me!

June 12, 2009

The 18th Century Club on deviantART has arranged a contest with the theme “the 18th century me”. Of course I had to enter! ;D Too bad my dress is no where near ready, hehe ^^; Instead I painted a portrait, based on a photo of me in my wig, in aquarelles (watercolors). I wanted to paint me in my future dress, but I’m too bad at details, hehe XD

18th century me

Go here to see a bigger version!


June 8, 2009

So today me and my very good friend Malin (who is interested in millinery and might help me with hats in the future ;D) took a loooong 2 h walk to a fishing store. Her bf told us they might have silk floss. I looked them up on the net and in their web shop they had Lagartun silk floss! Jays! But of course they had none in at the store!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll order online!

Lagartun French Silk Floss

This weekend I also got the spring steel for the pocket hoops cut (since the cutters we had at home weren’t strong enough), I’ve only got like two of the three tunnels left to sew on one of the hoops – well after tonight I will. =) The other hoop is still quite unfinished, but I’ve taken my last exam for this term so I’ve kinda got summer break now! =D Yes I’ve taken pictures, but it’s really not much to see right now, hehe.
   Next assignment: buying piking scissors (I can’t believe myself I haven’t got a pair already).

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