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Progress – on everything but the pet-en-l’air

September 18, 2009

Instead of using my inspiration for the pet-en-l’air the last time, I started with the chemise/shift. I’m doubting the fabric actually is linen though… =/ It totally looked and felt like the linen I used for the lining of the pet-en-l’air when I bought it, now it kinda doesn’t, I think it’s 100% cotton… Hmmm… =/
   I also started the hat making process the day before yesterday, yesterday I finished it! With a lot of ugly swearing and PMS-tears (PMS really sneaks up on ya, doesn’t it!?) it came out better than I could have imagined actually.


The finished product! It’s totally the look I wanted, it’s a bit uneven, but after a little decoration I’m sure no one will notice! ^^;


And just for fun – crown on an old lingonberry jam bucket… XD

Thank you Chanel!

September 16, 2009

I was just watching a show about all the work behind a Chanel collection and suddenly got the urge to continue with the pet-en-l’air! I’m just gonna write a little on my degree thesis and then I’m gonna pull on the stays and do some fitting so I can start with the stomacher and stuff. =D

chanel_couture_paper_hats_5Chanel paper hats inspired by the 18th century.

On shoes…

September 14, 2009

So I totally gave that pink trim (for the shoes) thing up today… I could not find a shade of pink I liked (and there were at least 8 or 10 shades of pink!), so I bought some black bias tape in duchesse.
   I am, however, going to make an embroidery in a dark burgundy color of flax floss on the tounge! Maybe on the straps too… This is what it, hopefully, kinda, will look like, hehe ^^;

Shoe embroidery


September 14, 2009

I was just watching Cranford (mid 1800’s) on SVT Play and they mentioned flannel – It got me thinking about my previous assumption that flannel didn’t exist in the 18th century – maybe it did?
   Googling it I found this on Wikipedia:

The French term flanelle was used in the late 17th century, and the German Flanell was used in the early 18th century. (Wikipedia: Flannel)

   Which got me googling further and I found this:

Dicky was 18th century slang for a flannel petticoat (Probert Encyclopaedia)

   It apperas this is all said about wool flannel though, and I got that super cute cotton flannel I wanted to use… Hmpf… Oh well, it seems flannel wasn’t really used for anything other than undergarments anyway so… =/ I guess it still has to be for a not very accurate project, hehe… ^^;


September 11, 2009

I just added the very “expensive” wig to the total of what I’ve spent so far on the outfit. I also added the lace I’m going to use for the shifts aaaaaand a linen sheet I bought at the same time as the gloves that I’m going to use for the shifts! ;D
   The list now has two totals – with and without the wig. I just felt the wig kinda ruined my very cheap total… Hehe… ^^;

Started re-make of shoes!

September 9, 2009

Those of you who have read that last post about my spent-so-far-list might have notices that it says: “Suede gloves for shoes: 30 SEK”. I actually was one step ahead of Madame Berg who kindly suggested that I look for cheap second hand suede gloves! ;D Just a day or two after I bought the shoes I found myself a pair of suede gloves to modify the shoes with! =D
  It wasn’t until today that I started working on it though. First I removed those ghastly rubber bands on the shoes, then I started to rip the seams of the gloves. Right now I have cut out the parts I am going to attach to the shoes. I have some ideas before I do that though, and I need materials before I can start.
   I’m thinking of having a light pink colored trim in a silk like material, just cause I think black and pink looks so great together. ;D I found these shoes here to justify this, hehe:

1790's kid slipper

They’re kid slippers from the 1790’s, but I think my idea will look gorgeous, so I’m sticking with it no matter how late these are or who wore them. =P But I still wanna know what y’all think! <)

How cheap I really am!

September 9, 2009

In my last post I said quote:

– Wow, this has really become a quest for the cheapest way to make an as accurate as possible 18th century outfit, hehe ;P I’ll have to try and write down exactly how little I actually have spent on this project! =D The shoes cost no more than 50 SEK btw – about $5 I should think. ;D

And now I have summarized, to that extent my memory could manage, how much I have spent on stuff and materials for my very first “as-accurate-as-possible-for-as-little-monye-as-possible-18th-century-outfit”.
   You can view the whole list at the page “What I’ve spent so far” to your right. But I’ll give you the whole so-far-total right here and now, and I am serious!:

273 SEK ≈ 27 EUR ≈ 39 USD ≈ 23,50 GBP

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