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Fly fringe shawl

April 15, 2012

Many of you are probably familiar with the fly fringe, explained by Vivien, but have you seen a whole garment made out of it? While browsing Nordiska museet’s collections I found this shawl that seems to be just that!

Update on progress and trim ambivalens

July 7, 2009

I am glad to announce that I have not yet fallen for the evil temptations of my new fancy sewing machine and I have soon finished one whole pocket hoop all by hand (and a little on the other one too)! When one is finished I’ll start making the pattern for the pet-en-l’air, I hope to finish it today; there’s not really much left actually! =D
   I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I’m planning on using a box pleated trim for the pet-en-l’air… Well I am, and when I bought the pinking scissors I also bought a light beige fabric to use for that. It’s a cotton satin mix, but I couldn’t find anything that looked more natural – it actually matches the very slight shine of the main fabric perfectly, it will look sooo great! I’m thinking I might use the box pleating for the stomacher aswell. =D
   I have stumbled upon a dilemma though. You might know that Robbie’s grandmother passed away some time ago and that I have had the honour of “inherit” some of her old curtains, laces and other sewing material. Since the last time I reported about some stuff I got I have gotten even more great material (I’ll blog everything later). Among other things I found a wonderful light beige and gold trim, it seems like the gold part actually is made of some kind of metal too, it’s really heavy:


So this is my dilemma: it would look fabulous with the box pleating on the pet-en-l’air, but I already had in mind to make a fly fringe… I want to run the trim straight over the middle of the box pleating. But I had a look through my folders of 18th century dresses to see if it was at all common to do it that way and I only found examples of this kind of trim used to trim the edges of a box pleating =/ :

Trim det

I want to be picky about this, but maybe I’m too picky? I don’t have enough of the trim to use it in this way… =/
   You know what? Deep down I feel I already made up my mind, hehe ^^; It will take sooooo much time to make a fly fringe – I’ll make it for the robe á la francaise instead! ^^


June 8, 2009

So today me and my very good friend Malin (who is interested in millinery and might help me with hats in the future ;D) took a loooong 2 h walk to a fishing store. Her bf told us they might have silk floss. I looked them up on the net and in their web shop they had Lagartun silk floss! Jays! But of course they had none in at the store!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll order online!

Lagartun French Silk Floss

This weekend I also got the spring steel for the pocket hoops cut (since the cutters we had at home weren’t strong enough), I’ve only got like two of the three tunnels left to sew on one of the hoops – well after tonight I will. =) The other hoop is still quite unfinished, but I’ve taken my last exam for this term so I’ve kinda got summer break now! =D Yes I’ve taken pictures, but it’s really not much to see right now, hehe.
   Next assignment: buying piking scissors (I can’t believe myself I haven’t got a pair already).

Flat silk floss in Sweden?

May 30, 2009

I’ve been thinking more organized thoughts about the decoration of my pet-en-l’air and I’m really curious about that fly fringe! The only problem is: Where the heck do I get hold of that flat silk floss stuff in Sweden – and what is it called in Swedish? The boutiques in town seem to have nothing like it… =( I’ve been searching the net – but it’s hard when you don’t know the Swedish name.) I wanted to try and avoid ordering from outside the country – but maybe I’ll have to…

silk floss

I have stubmbled upon a floss that might be an alternative. You know fly fishing? Well they mostly bind their own flies and use a kind of floss for that. Via a Swedish site I found a floss called Danville Rayon Floss – you think I can use that? In that case I’ve also found the stuff on a Swedish auction site! =D Wait, as I’m writing this I’m finding more stuff – Pearsall’s silk floss – that seems to be used both for fly binding and embroidery, huh! (Apparently not in Sweden though, hehe…) Hmmm, maybe I can just go to a fishing store and see what they have… =D

Rayon Floss


Fly fringe tutorial up on Fancy Girl!

February 17, 2009

I know many of you – like me – have been waiting for Vivcore‘s promised tutorial for the very 18th-century-popular fly fringe! Today it is up on Fancy Girl!!! *Dance ’til I faint*

Fly Fringe

The fly fringe is back!

February 5, 2009

Vivcore has re-discovered a lost art in 18th century decoration techniques! The fly fringe!

Fly fringe on a dress from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fly fringe on a dress from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For some reason I just haven’t gone in for a closer look at what it is – I’ve just figured It’s made by fringing the actual fabric in some kind of way. Vivcore explains it all here and I can’t wait to see a tutorial on Fancy Girl! I’m definetley gonna use the technique in my project!!!

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