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Stomacher – basicly done! (Photoooos!)

July 5, 2011

Well well well, I actually pull through sometimes! ;P These past days have been very productive indeed!
First – I promised you fail-pics of the first button I covered and I’m just gonna go ahead and get it over with. Don’t ask me how I did this or why, let’s just leave it at this, k?

I managed to find some old flat buttons from here and there that were roughly the same size:

And use this method I mentioned in a previous post, to make these li’l cuties (*proud button mommy*):

And then, I sew them on, and the trim aswell… ;D

In this photo, it’s not quite finished, but you get the idea. ;D The only thing I’ve got left to do with the ctual pet-en-l’air is finishing the back piece of the stomacher and finishing the trim at the bottom of it (still boooooooooooooooooooringgggg)! I’m actually staring to see an end to this! ^^;
I am sooo glad I chose to go with the buttons, Doesn’t it look awesome!? (I know some of the buttons look off center, but they’re not…)
So yeah, soon – pics of the finished outfit! ;D

Will and wigs

January 3, 2011

I’ve been drawn to the pet-en-l’air more and more lately, nothing’s happened yet – but at least I have the will to keep sewing! XD
I had an awful dream last night – I came to some sort of costume meeting in my half finished outfit, I just had one hoop and had to hold everything up and together – extremely embarrassing!!!
I feel that if I only could get past this trimming part it’ll all flow better. I’ve been thinking about restorting to the machine for the petticoat, but as I write this I’m reconsidering it. ;D

On another note, I just found an amazing wig maker on Etsy! Guess the name! – AntoinettesAtelier ofc! If I only had the money!

More after the cut!


Are you still there?

November 26, 2010

Hope you’re still reading! XD Yes, this job stole a lot of sewing-time – but the truth is I already was extreeeeeemely bored with sewing on the trim! I have however noticed that I can steer my motivation for different projects. My motivation for this project was low for quite a while, but by starting to loook through my neglected blog feeds and watching The Duchess (again) – my motivation is growing! ;D
So, today I’m spending the day at home, being sick. I have christmas presents to make – but when they’re done I think I’ll take up the trimming again! ;D
And here’s a lol for ya:

On fake openings

April 30, 2010

There are so many details to consider when you’re working on a project like this and I’ve been more and more attentive to these details. I love to learn! And you learn by asking questions – so I’m asking more and more questions as I go. By looking at paintings and surviving originals of 18th century clothing, I try to anwser these questions.
   Today I was browsing MAG (again) and found the anwser to one of the questions I’ve been pondering: “were there ‘fake button openings’ stomachers in the 18th century?” (Or: “could I do a fake button opening on my stomacher and get away with it?”). The anwser is TOTALLY:

Stomacher & bows from Manchester Art Gallery

The trim is also set like I’m planning to set it on my own stomacher for the pet-en-l’air! =)

One arm trimmed

April 27, 2010

Indeed I finished the hemming that last time, and I even managed to trim one arm!
Whaddaya think? =D

And here’s some inspiration: My cousins “in-law” are renovating a house and found this wonderful wallpaper under a few layers of newer wallpaper. It’s probably a 50’s-60’s wallpaper, but it clearly has 18th century inspiration. They also found these huge hand made nails. I arranged it a little and took a still life photo:

Fitting fitting fitting

October 28, 2009

So last friday at 1600 h I turned in that soul eating degree thesis… Since then I’ve been re-building my soul, by sewing of course!
   I’ve taken upp the pet-en-l’air again (I’m working on several parts of the outfit at the same time). I have now finished what I have dreaded for a long time – fitting the front opening. This was however necessary to be able to continue with other parts of the piece, like trimming. I feel sooo close to finishing now, I can taste it (kinda tastes like wild strawberries ;P).
   And that’s kinda it… For now… Today I think I’ll make the sleeves a weeeee bit longer, to see how I should distribute the little fabric that’s left for trimming and stuff. =)

Time over = two sleeves!

August 7, 2009

So I got a few minutes over today and managed to put on the last sleeve, yay! =D
   I also took some measurements and made some calculations for the trim – I’ll need about 4 meters of finished gathered fabric, if I make strips about 3.5 cm wide I think It’ll be enough. Trying some pleating and gathering I’ve concluded that gathering probably will be both easier and save more fabric – it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds or looks. =) It was hell trying to pleat this fabric. =/ Oh, and I’m pinking the edges of the trim straight off, it looks allright. =)

Speeding up and having to slow down…

August 6, 2009

So, lately things have been moving forward in quite the pace! =D I’m starting to see what the finished product will look like and that’s allways a great cookie to keep you motivated! =D *Gaaaaargh, coooooockiiiiiiiieeees*
   Hrm… Yeah, so I’m quite pleased with myself! I have been using my fancy sewing machine for inside seems, simply because I think it’ll hold better – and yes for comfort and speed also indeed! But all hems and stuff will be hand sewn. ;D
   I’ve also gotten comments on the button topic. I can’t believe I didn’t think of embroidiered buttons!!! I have seen them and thought “That’s something I want to do some day!”. So today I had my first try – it was easy peasy! =D (Pics to come…) The only thing that’s bothering me though, is that I can’t seem to find many embroidered buttons on women’s clothing – only men’s! =/ Thoughts on that?


And on the trim topic: Abby had some great thoughts that I, for some reason, never even thought about: “trim really changed rapidly through the 18th century”… I can’t really do what ever I feel is cute if I want it to at least look somewhat time-typical. This, and the fact that I have been feeling a cream colored trim just wouldn’t do the main fabric justice, have made me reconsider my choice of having it that way. You can’t really find many surviving examples of mid 18th c dresses with different colored trims like that. I think I can make a thin trim of the same fabric – with a little patching, hehe. Worst case scenario I can just have the trim from the neck down to the front hem. =)
   These past few days I’ve had to slow down a bit though – I’m planning Robbie’s 30th birthday! It’s this saturday And I’ll be crazy busy cleaning the appartment – sweeping up threads and puting away fabrics that I strategicly have placed all over our floors. XD I feel a bit frustrated about all this – cause I’ve put on only one sleeve and it looks so wrong, hehe. XD Next week I’m hoping to be able to finish most of the actual jacket and start with the stomacher. =D
   Oh yes – I’ve got pics of me trying the whole thing, but you’ll have to wait to next week on that too! ;P

Ribbon flowers – it’s THAT easy!

July 30, 2009

Hehe, yeah – right now I’m kinda trying to work up energy to post pictures of my progress and stuff.
   I’ve been trying to figure out how to make nice fabric flowers and it just hit me that I could just google tutorials, hehe ;P Yeah, I am that slow sometimes! XD
   So I found at least two super great tutorials on making two different kinds of ribbon roses. The first one looks like the easiest to me:

The second one is great too though:

And the best thing with this second one is that I found tons of more tutorials from the same user – Di van Niekerk, on making ribbon embroidery and stuff! =D
   Now all I have to do is find some hand painted silk ribbon, or make it myself… *SIGH*

Update on progress and trim ambivalens

July 7, 2009

I am glad to announce that I have not yet fallen for the evil temptations of my new fancy sewing machine and I have soon finished one whole pocket hoop all by hand (and a little on the other one too)! When one is finished I’ll start making the pattern for the pet-en-l’air, I hope to finish it today; there’s not really much left actually! =D
   I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I’m planning on using a box pleated trim for the pet-en-l’air… Well I am, and when I bought the pinking scissors I also bought a light beige fabric to use for that. It’s a cotton satin mix, but I couldn’t find anything that looked more natural – it actually matches the very slight shine of the main fabric perfectly, it will look sooo great! I’m thinking I might use the box pleating for the stomacher aswell. =D
   I have stumbled upon a dilemma though. You might know that Robbie’s grandmother passed away some time ago and that I have had the honour of “inherit” some of her old curtains, laces and other sewing material. Since the last time I reported about some stuff I got I have gotten even more great material (I’ll blog everything later). Among other things I found a wonderful light beige and gold trim, it seems like the gold part actually is made of some kind of metal too, it’s really heavy:


So this is my dilemma: it would look fabulous with the box pleating on the pet-en-l’air, but I already had in mind to make a fly fringe… I want to run the trim straight over the middle of the box pleating. But I had a look through my folders of 18th century dresses to see if it was at all common to do it that way and I only found examples of this kind of trim used to trim the edges of a box pleating =/ :

Trim det

I want to be picky about this, but maybe I’m too picky? I don’t have enough of the trim to use it in this way… =/
   You know what? Deep down I feel I already made up my mind, hehe ^^; It will take sooooo much time to make a fly fringe – I’ll make it for the robe á la francaise instead! ^^

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