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May 24, 2013

Long time no post.

Just a shortie to show off this cute lil’ brooch I thrifted today.


Latex bows and plastic foxes!

February 12, 2012

As I’ve mentioned, I have a love for the material latex. One of my favorite desigers – Eustratia, is having a giveaway! Check this out! ❤


May 24, 2009

On thursday me and Robbie celebrated 4 years together, we don’t make a very big deal of it, so we had nothing planned. ^^; We spent the day cleaning out some more of his grandmother’s stuff instead. By lunch all the tables in my parents-in-law’s house were filled with porcelain and glass! We were starved but no one had the strength to clean up the tables and cook food – so we went to Askersund to eat.
   After lunch we went to a café for some tea (love a cup of tea after a big meal!). The café Kristina took us to was called Café Tutingen and apparently at least the house has been around since 1784. It was so darn cute I didn’t know what to do with myself; they had furnished the place with second hand chairs and tables of 18th century style, probably newer versions and reproduced stuff – but it still was awesome! =D


Café Tutingen, Askersund, Anno 1784

On another matter I have spent this weekend sorting trough my favourites on my jewellry account on deviantART, they do collections now so I had to set up some. Of course I had to have an 18th century related category! It’s called 18th century in interest and it’s a pretty wide collection I guess, I’ve filled it with stuff I think people interested in 18th century fashion might like, hehe ^^; So go see if you’d like some inspiration!
   I’ve also set up a collection called NOMS – I think it’s safe to say that many of you, my fellow rococophiles, might like that one too – i’t filled with cake and pastry related stuff! ;D
   Oh, and this is just jewellry and other artisan stuff…

Snuff box vs. locket

April 26, 2009

At the moment I bought the locket I was little concerned about how autenthic it would look, but the past couple of months I’ve been thinking about it more and more. But today I read 18th Century Historical Trekking,1680-1760 (Australia). There Kieth has a snuff box that looks somewhat like my locket (does it, or am I just seeing what I want to see?). Anywhoooo, I feel more confident about wearing the locket now! =D








My locket to  the left, snuff box to the right…


April 2, 2009

I feel a little bad for not keeping up here, mostly for myself, cuz I really miss the blog, hehe… ^^; But I have my reasons – I’ve just started my practical training in the teachers program, this is my final year of 5 and it’s a pretty big deal for me, hehe. I’ve been coming home from the school where I have my training and just sat myself down on the couch and then I’ve just been like glued there – I’ve been so mentally tired I haven’t been able to decide if I should put on the tv or make myself some tea, so I just don’t do either. But it’s a good fatigue! I’m haveing such a good time with the students, both the students and the other teachers are becoming like a family to me, hehe.
   Anywhoooooos! I’ve anwsered all comments and read some of all the posts on other blogs. Right now I don’t feel much like reading, but I thought that since I’ve had photos of me in that wig I bought for like forever, at least I could touch them up a bit and put them up here!

wig 2

wig 1


When I first got the wig I was horrified! It was so small, way too small for my head… And then it hit me that it might be one of those wigs where you actually aren’t supposed to have it cover your like hair line in the forhead (what ever it’s called in English). So I put it a bit longer back and tried to comb my bangs up. My bangs are black though, so it looked kinda awful, then I thought: “Why not do it the 18th century way and try some powder?” – I had no great expectations that baby powder (don’t ask me why I have that at home!) would cover the black very good, but it actually blended in very well, the wig is a bit dark itself. As you might notice my bangs are a bit spiky there too, but I bet it’ll look better if I try to curl it a bit to follow the waves of the wig. =) I used my handmade jewellry to top the whole thing off! ;D
  Whaddaya think? ;D
   Oh, here’s a bonus picture of the wig and the hat! ;D

wig + hat


January 2, 2009

You might have noticed the link in the roll to my jewellry gallery @ deviantART, if not; I also make jewellry ;P In fact I made some jewellry I might use for the dress/-es. Now, I know that the women didn’t usually wear much necklaces since they also put white makeup on their chest and didn’t want to ruin beautiful jewellry – despite of what portraits show us. But they wore shorter necklaces from time to time and earrings of course! ;D
   I didn’t make this to look exactly like what a woman of the time might have worn, I was just having fun, so no need to mention any unlikenesses or whatever! =P



Promised pics!

January 2, 2009

So I promised pictures of my latest finds and here they come!

Here’s a collective photo of all that day’s finds

Everythings lying on the wonderful fabric. I love the locket! I kinda wear it every day on my purse right now, hehe. ❤
   What made me buy the white lace was mostly the quantity cuz it’s a lot – but I also liked the “hardness” of it, let me explain why. I know this is more of a sheat lace and lace for the manchette at the elbows and such were more soft and elaborate, but I have in mind to pleat this and maybe draw the peach lace over it (like in the pic) to kinda mimic the pleated decorations of the 18th century dresses like this:

Dress, ca. 1760 detail

I have no idea if they ever pleated lace like that in the 18th century (I have seen no evidence of it actually =/), but someone somewhere might have – correct me if I’m wrong… ;D
   I don’t know if the peach lace thingy is very “in period” either, but I like they way it looks with my new fabric and it came in a big endless ball so I had to buy it! ;P To my happiness the color also matched perfectly with a piece of ribbon I had at home so I think I’m gonna use that for the locket brooch! ;D

Here’s two better views of the fabric:


And a comparance between the “old” and the “new” fabric:

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