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August 26, 2011

Ok, it’s actually not entirely done (stomacher problems etc.), but since we took some photos and they turned out allright… ;D I want you to know that I am well aware that this look, with the tricorne and all, is not in any way historically correct – it’s not meant to be. Also, I did not have a mirror when dressing and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t very well fitted until I saw the photos when we came home. *Doh* Anywhooooo, I am EXTREEEEEEMELY pleased with myself!!!

Finished walking stick! <3

May 25, 2011

I’ve finally put together my extremely cheap walking stick!

To remind you: I got this awesome black bamboo stick for 10 SEK (about 1 EUR, 1,55 USD and not even 1 GBP)! It’s actually a garden decoration, but it’s straight, light and hard – plus it totally has that chinoise air! The knob is a curtain rod knob I got second hand for 5 SEK (about 0,50 EUR, 0,78 USD and 0,50 GBP). More about where I got the materials in this post.

So I’ve spent about 1,50 EUR, or 2,33 USD, or about 1,50 GBP on this beauty. Smiling Fox Forge’s walking stick is $50 – without the chinoise air! ;P The total length is about 147 cm.

NEW walking stick and top knob!

February 9, 2011

Sorry for being away for a while, I’ve been working a lot. I know I have a few unanwsered comments, I’ll get to them. ^^;

It seems buying stuff is easier than making the pet-en-l’air, suprise suprise. ;P
   Last week I bought a new walking stick! I have no pic yet – since it’s still in Robbie’s car. But it’s bamboo and it’s black and I baught it for 10 SEK – that’s about 1 EUR, 1,55 USD and not even 1 GBP! It’s actually made for garden decoration, so the quality might not be the best – but I don’t think I’m gonna go on extreme hikes with it anyway! It’ll look great in photos I should think! ;D
   For Swedes I can recommend taking a look at your local Granngården store! That’s where I baught mine and they had these bamboo sticks in all sorts of colors, I was very tempted to buy a pink one! ;D Many were cracked where I bought mine though, so look at the stick before you buy it!
   And just today I bought a top knob for it! My first thought was “curtain rod knob”, and my second thought was “second hand”! I went to my favorite Myrorna last week and came home empty handed – but today I went after work just because I was passing by. I found this little cute knob. And it’s not plastic (like most I found the last time) – it’s brass (I think)! <D And what did it cost me? 5 SEK! About 0,50 EUR, 0,78 USD and 0,50 GBP!

Stick so far

May 15, 2010


Teeheehee, I’m posting with my Android phone with the WordPress app, from Robbie’s parent’s garden!
Yeah, so this is the walking stick I’m working on, next step: sand paper.

I have a STICK

May 7, 2010

   I always take a power walk before breakfast (no, not power nap ;P), along Svartån – the small river that runs through Örebro where I live. This morning was no different, except I saw something long and very straight washed up on the bank. It was a perfect stick for a walking stick! It’s a weee bit crooked at the bottom – but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find something as straight for free. It’s dirty and still has it’s bark, but I think it’ll be super nice after a little care! =D

Walking stick thoughts

February 19, 2009

Berg gave me a link to Smiling Fox Forge where they have a great looking walking stick for sale at $50:


A bit too expensive for me right now – but it’s very inspirational! “Women that belong to ‘The Sisterhood of the Silk Snobs’ love the elegant sticks to help them move gracefully while taking their morning and evening strolls.” As they say! ;D
   I’m guessing walking sticks will go for around that price though so I’m exploring the possibilities of making one. I’ve found great tutorials on making walking sticks from branches and stuff, but they’re all very rough. So I’m going to ask Robbie (my handy other half) if one can make a walking stick from a wooden round staff found in stores and just carve or lathe (?) it narrower at the bottom for the right look or if that will weaken it. Any thoughts on that?

Cane and garters – it’s all in the details.

February 18, 2009

I was thinking I have to get myself a walking stick – it would absolutely be the icing on the cake that is going to be my pet-en-l’air:


I have also been thinking about garters… First I thought I wanted to make a pair in silk or something and I thought I could make an embroidery pattern to match the pockets! But then I remembered I have two pieces of woven ribbon/band from my grandmother that I think may have been intended to be used in Swedish national costumes – I know bands like them are used as gartes like that on national cotumes. I also found this post at The 18th Century Trading Post (Australia) with bands/band garters much like the ones I have:


They are a bit simble and peasant-ish though and I want mine to be a bit more luxurious. ;P So I’m a bit ambivalent concerning that too… I’ll put up images of the two bands I have later, promise!
   Maybe I should weave a band myself… I got a “gate loom”(?) from Kristina (mother-in-law again, love her) that I used to finish a band I had begun with a gate of my own but that broke in a move:


This gate is wider and better than the first one I had. The band in the image is made of linen (flax?) and the work of a beginner, hehe. ^^;

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