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May 24, 2013

Long time no post.

Just a shortie to show off this cute lil’ brooch I thrifted today.


IMATEX goodies

April 15, 2012

Sanna K of Rococo Atelier kindly informed us that IMATEX is now working again! Thank you!

Here’s a new favorite:

Klänning i rosa sidenaltlas. Nordiska museet 183144.

April 7, 2012

OMG, have y’all seen this!?

I just stumbled upon this pink beauty on Tumblr. It’s from Nordiska museet!

It’s late 18th century, made in silk “atlas”? I have no idea what that is – anyone?

Imma go look through Nordiska Museets collections, because clearly it must have been updated! See ya!

Mid 18th century mules at Swedish Antiques Roadshow

March 16, 2012

My palms suddenly got very sweaty yesterday while watching the Swedish version of Antiques Roadshow – Antikrundan. A woman brought a pair of mid 18th century mules:

They were valued to about 1000-2000 SEK – ca 148 USD, 93 GBP, 112 EUR. I wonder if they are for sale… ;D

Anywhoo, if you want to skip the silver cups and wooden cabinets, the shoes come in at ca 20:30, watch it here.

DIY 18th century christmas gift idea?

December 1, 2011

OMG, how cute is this? <D I’ve been thinking of doing something similar – crochet style, but right now I can become an aunt at any second so I’m making little baby stuff. ^^

Marie Antoinette by ~deridolls

18th century pony tail!?

November 24, 2011

Been working up to 10 h days for like 2 months and I’m pretty beat when I come home, so I mostly just end up browsing random stuff my eyes like. Today I searched for “cat” in the new MET collections search. Stragely this turned up, but I’m very glad it did! Looooove that hair sis!!!

By Carle Vanloo (French, Nice 1705–1765 Paris)


August 26, 2011

Ok, it’s actually not entirely done (stomacher problems etc.), but since we took some photos and they turned out allright… ;D I want you to know that I am well aware that this look, with the tricorne and all, is not in any way historically correct – it’s not meant to be. Also, I did not have a mirror when dressing and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t very well fitted until I saw the photos when we came home. *Doh* Anywhooooo, I am EXTREEEEEEMELY pleased with myself!!!

August 22, 2011

OMG! It’s Romantic Rococo Week on Pet Society! =O

Fetish shoes 18th century style @ Shoe Icons

August 9, 2011

You thought shoe fetishism was only for the 21th century man? Dream on! The 18th century was the century of all centuries in fetishism! Look at these “Extremely high Louis heel buckle shoes with blue silk upper. Probably fetishist. / c. 1780s”. I know that during one period, the heels were very high (like 15 cm/6″) and I don’t know how high these are, but they’re still high for the age. And by personal experience I know there’s fashions also in the fetish world. ;P
Check out the whole Shoe Icons site – they’ve got loads of 18th century shoes and acessoirs!

ROCOCO – animated short film by Marylène Pourcelot

July 21, 2011

It’s adooooorable! Spead it rococophiles!

(Birthday suit- and spolier-alert: bewbs and bums in the end.)

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