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ROCOCO – animated short film by Marylène Pourcelot

July 21, 2011

It’s adooooorable! Spead it rococophiles!

(Birthday suit- and spolier-alert: bewbs and bums in the end.)

The best ideas…

January 5, 2011

The best ideas were born in the 18th century!

Btw! Has anyone other than me noticed that there is a large part of us costumers out there who has cats feautured in our pics? Are costumers all cat people? =D

My cat Sol, inspecting the finished stays… =^.^=


July 24, 2010

We went to visit Stjernsunds castle today (more later), and now I really feel like sewing! But I’m at Robbie’s parents’ and I didn’t bring my sewing bag, so I’m feeding myself stuff like this. ;D

The Swedish Royal Wedding – and the 1771 wedding

May 18, 2010

On June the 19th the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria Bernadotte is getting married to Daniel Westling (a man of the people, born here in Örebro actually).
   Swedish public television is therefore making a series exploring Swedish historical royal weddings. Yesterday it was time for the wedding of King Gustaf III and Princess Sofia Magdalena of Denmark in 1771. We all know the wedding dress:

You can see the episode here, it starts 25 min 37 sec in…
   It’s in Swedish though, so this is a short resumé of what the episode is about:
   Besides telling the story of how the wedding came to be, they try to recreate a special dance that was performed at this wedding. It was a torch dance, or torchlight dance, or fackeltanz or what ever it is called around Europe. ;D This is a tradition that was revived by the mother of Gustaf, there are no records of exactly how this polonaise based dance was performed though. We only know that it was performed after all the festivities when the pair would go to bed, the dancers lead them to their bed, dancing with torches in their hands.

Torch dance, around 1600

They also talked quite a bit about clothes, naturally! ;D Like, did you know that the wais measurement of Sofia Magdalena in this dress was just about 50 centimeters? And did you know that it took 40 parisians working in shifts day and night 4 weeks to finish Gustaf’s outfit?
  I must apologize on behalf of Swedish Public Television though, for the tricorne Gustaf’s mother, Lovisa Ulrika, is wearing somewhere in the clip… XD
  Oh, and you can read all about the coming wedding here (in English).

War and peace

May 24, 2009

Just a quick note that SVT has done it again! Right now they’re airing Tolstoj’s War and peace in a 4 part miniseries, I’m watching it @ SVT Play though. It’s extremely silly, not even in a good way – but I want to see how it turns out! ^^ It starts in 1805, but I guess there’s a lot of costume drama fans out there, so…

(Wow, this blog turned out not just being about the project, hehe ^^;)


May 13, 2009

I must say I feel kinda restless now that I’m on my way to starting a new piece of the project – but don’t have the materials (I think I’ll start with the shifts actually). But I feel very thirsty on the research front, so I started looking around new places. SVT (Sveriges Television – Swedish Public Service Television) has a huge archive of old film, a lot has gone up for free streaming on SVT Play. I didn’t find much 18th century related suff, but I did find a silent film about a silk factory, might be interesting (I thought so). And as a bonus, here’s a silent movie about wallpaper making with techniques from before 1850.

Box pleating…

January 2, 2009

…was the exact English term for the pleating I was talking about for the lace. By chance I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and that’s basicly me learning a new term! Yay!

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