Fetish shoes 18th century style @ Shoe Icons

You thought shoe fetishism was only for the 21th century man? Dream on! The 18th century was the century of all centuries in fetishism! Look at these “Extremely high Louis heel buckle shoes with blue silk upper. Probably fetishist. / c. 1780s”. I know that during one period, the heels were very high (like 15 cm/6″) and I don’t know how high these are, but they’re still high for the age. And by personal experience I know there’s fashions also in the fetish world. ;P
Check out the whole Shoe Icons site – they’ve got loads of 18th century shoes and acessoirs!

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2 Responses to “Fetish shoes 18th century style @ Shoe Icons”

  1. Princess of Eboli Says:

    This picture of the shoe is incredible, I can not imagine a person walking with does shoes,walking to one room, into another room at the court, with does long hallways, that will be super painful…..OUCH……..
    But don’t get me wrong, the shoes are beautiful…I love them….:)

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