Stuck in book

Yeah, so I haven’t been sewing much. But I have my reasons! And these past few days I’ve been reading that book about Madame de Pompadour. It’s really interesting, since it not only is about the lovely creature herself – it also has little funny facts about the life in Versailles, the coedes end ettiquette and stupid little rules and of course notes about the clothing! In one part Lindqvist tells us how Casanova in his memoirs describes seeing some 20 women in hurry:

…but they walked in a curious way, they seemed to stumble forward. He learned that because they all wanted to seem as tall as possible they wore 15 cm [about 6″] heels, which made them walk with bent knees. (p. 103-104, my translation)

Now I’m a rather big fan of heels, so I thought this was really interesting. I have heels no taller than 8″ myself (me in boots), so 6″ isn’t that big of a deal to me and I’ve never experienced the problem of walking funny – on the other hand I probably would with paniers and a 20 kg dress on, and the models of shoes look rather unstable somethimes, hehe. ;D I would soooo love to have those 6″ 18th century heels though!

18th century heelsPicture from Johanna’s Flickr photostream

I’ve been browsing second hand for a good pair of 18th century looking shoes, even shoes with just the Louis or Pompadour heel so I can re-dress them – but with no result, they’re all the wrong size if I find something! I really can’t afford buying those super fancy 18th century copies! =((( Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.

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4 Responses to “Stuck in book”

  1. Elle Says:

    I’m a french girl who does re-enacment in France and Europe.
    I have only 3 weeks to make a “robe à la française” (without the corset) but i miss a part of the patern.
    I see that what you’re doing is a great job, and i’d like to ask you if you have what i miss. I need help for the coat, I don’t have the patern of the lacing inside the coat which tights the coat along the waist :s

    You’re lucky to have these pinking scissors, how much did they cost you ?

    Well I ask you too much things. Thanks for asking.


  2. Vivien Says:

    I love the crazy high heels from back then! I think the big difference between a 6″ heel then and a 6″ heel today is that our shoes at that point have a platform at the front, so they tend to be the equivalent of a 4″ heel without the platform.

    With the tiny feet of the time and straight last shoes they must have been a killer to wear! (fetish wear ballet boots are about a 7″ heel, I would imagine these 18th century heels would getting in to that territory almost!)

    I’ve been looking for some nice pompadour heels myself to re-cover, and haven’t had any luck either 😦 these looked promising if there is another place stocking them.

  3. Elle Says:

    thanks for answering.
    I’ll send you my dress when it is finished.
    I am a lot lazier than you because I am not making it only with my hands.

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