I feel a little bad for not keeping up here, mostly for myself, cuz I really miss the blog, hehe… ^^; But I have my reasons – I’ve just started my practical training in the teachers program, this is my final year of 5 and it’s a pretty big deal for me, hehe. I’ve been coming home from the school where I have my training and just sat myself down on the couch and then I’ve just been like glued there – I’ve been so mentally tired I haven’t been able to decide if I should put on the tv or make myself some tea, so I just don’t do either. But it’s a good fatigue! I’m haveing such a good time with the students, both the students and the other teachers are becoming like a family to me, hehe.
   Anywhoooooos! I’ve anwsered all comments and read some of all the posts on other blogs. Right now I don’t feel much like reading, but I thought that since I’ve had photos of me in that wig I bought for like forever, at least I could touch them up a bit and put them up here!

wig 2

wig 1


When I first got the wig I was horrified! It was so small, way too small for my head… And then it hit me that it might be one of those wigs where you actually aren’t supposed to have it cover your like hair line in the forhead (what ever it’s called in English). So I put it a bit longer back and tried to comb my bangs up. My bangs are black though, so it looked kinda awful, then I thought: “Why not do it the 18th century way and try some powder?” – I had no great expectations that baby powder (don’t ask me why I have that at home!) would cover the black very good, but it actually blended in very well, the wig is a bit dark itself. As you might notice my bangs are a bit spiky there too, but I bet it’ll look better if I try to curl it a bit to follow the waves of the wig. =) I used my handmade jewellry to top the whole thing off! ;D
  Whaddaya think? ;D
   Oh, here’s a bonus picture of the wig and the hat! ;D

wig + hat

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8 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. Vivien Says:

    It looks wonderful! From the photos at least it seems to blend really well

  2. Lucy Says:

    You’re so creative! It looks woderful:)

  3. Swillvill Says:

    Oh my godness, you are so beautiful in that wig! 🙂

    Btw, what kind of teacher are you studying to become? I’ve just applied for a teachers education myself here in Stockholm. God I hope I get accepted… =_=

    • Maria Says:

      I’m studying to be a teacher in Swedish and religion for gymnasiet. =D I’m graduating this fall! 😀 Hope you find it as exciting as I have!

  4. Cheryl Marie Cordeiro Says:

    Maria! This is a stunning do! I’m loving your blog!


  5. Lauren Says:

    Alright missy where did you get that wig!

    • Maria Says:

      Hehe, I got it from a Swedish auction site called Tradera, a fellow Swedish rococophile made it. Don’t be all sad about the Swedish-part though, she’s thinking of starting a site and I think it might be in English too. ;D

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