I didn’t actually have in mind to make a hat for this dress. But I had a round straw hat lying aroung at home that I used for a photo shoot that I would never have used otherwise. Last night I felt I could try pinning the sides up to make a tricorne hat.

This is what the hat looked like before:




Hat startThis is the hat with the sides pinned up. My cat Sol is always keen to give her opinion. ;D

It looked pretty good! But let’s face it – this doesn’t look very fancy at all and I’m not making a peasants dress ;P So I looked around for stuff to decorate it with. And I found something great! I had in mind to use it for jewellry, but this is even better!

Hat with flowers

A bunch of fake flowers! Actually this is a ring of flowers intended to be used for candlesticks (don’t know the English word)! ;D
   So I fastened the sides and the ring of flowers on the side with a few stitches (I just leaned it against the hat for the photo above). But it seemed to lack that something. While I was trying the hat on in front of the bathroom mirror I saw something pink in the corner of my eye, a pink ribbon! Ahaaaa! A little pink – that’s exactly what this hat is missing! So I pulled the ribbon behind the ring of flowers and voilà!

Finished hat!

Excuse the wierd expression! It’s hard photographing a big hat on your own head! XD And yeah – that’s not my real hair… It’s a fake pony tail, hehe. I’ve got a bob with bangs and that’s not very 18th century is it? Yeah yeah I know – a black pony tail isn’t really either, but it’s got lovely big curls! <)
   Another thing that’s great with the colors of the decoration is that it matches the fabrict perfectly!!! =D

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5 Responses to “Hat!”

  1. Adam Says:

    Snygg hatt! Sidenband och blommor är det enda rätta =D

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    I’m sorry to disturb your ceration, but women never-never wore a tricorn, execpt with a riding/hunting suit or the women who lived in Venice… 😉

    • Maria Says:

      Oh? Gosh, what a faux pas by me, hehe ^^; I’ve just seen smaller tricorne hats in films and such so I just assumed that they wore them… =/ I guess I have to wear this with a riding suit or just pretend I’m in Venice then, hehe. 😉
      Thank you very much for the info! 😀

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    […] Élisabeth of Au Temple des Modes, just informed me of something very interesting by commenting the tricorne hat I made: I’m sorry to disturb your ceration, but women never-never wore a tricorn, execpt with a […]

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    […] I’d better stop here before I get into that complicated debate! XD    Whats your opinion on the hat? Would you despise me and wisper behind my back if I went on and used it as a tricorne?    Oh, […]

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