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Museum date euphoria!

August 12, 2009

We (read: I) decided that it was time to lift our soft and cosy bottoms from the computer chairs and visit the county museum – after three years living here I still hadn’t been.
   Örebro County Museum (Örebro Läns Museum) isn’t very big at all, but I felt it MUST be worth a visit – every museum, in my mind, is! It was allright, but we seemed to have saved the best for last.
   They have a room called “Klenodkammaren” – The Treasue Chamber (roughly), there they keep mostly jewellry, coins and silver cups. But when I first looked through the doorway my eyes met a green silk dress… I rushed past the display cases of viking jewellry and old coins and pressed my face against the glass. “Late 18th century” I said with a dry voice and blinked a few times… I inspected the fabric, the pink flower pattern, the cut, and sighed. It was an original allright, but it hung all wrong – it was a simple two pieced outfit with a fully closed jacket and a petticoat, the petticoat hung straight down from where the jacket ended and was made to stand out at the bottom – not even a hint of hips!
   I didn’t let it bother me very long though – because in the corner of my eye I saw a pair of shoes. They had the common 18th century look with a flower pattern in mostly greens and pinks – not the same fabric as the dress, but they kinda matched. When I found out the size was a 36 I had a brief weak moment and thought of ways to make them mine – most ways were illegal. ;P
   When I felt I had seen all details I wanted to see, and could see without breaking the glass I sighed again; a signal for Robbie who called my name: “How about some 18th century garters?” I rushed through the room again and pressed my face against another glass. They had three beautifully embroidered garters, and what a petite flower embroidery it was! They were beautiful! Nowhere on the net have I seen such beautiful gartes! I wish I could do such petite embroidery – if I could I wouldn’t hesitate to make copies of exactly those garters!
   I let my wide eyes fall from the garters and down on two as beautifully embroidered pocket books – extremely small stitches made up vines of small oh so small flowers… Long, long I admired them – and sighed over my now seemingly extremely clumsy hands.
   Sadly there were no cameras allowed – and I respected that. This is the only photo from Klenodkammaren I could find:



April 9, 2009

Since I have uploaded the pics to my computer and I promised to put them up, here’s the bands I was talking about:


The left one is in wool and the right one is in cotton, I think…

Cane and garters – it’s all in the details.

February 18, 2009

I was thinking I have to get myself a walking stick – it would absolutely be the icing on the cake that is going to be my pet-en-l’air:


I have also been thinking about garters… First I thought I wanted to make a pair in silk or something and I thought I could make an embroidery pattern to match the pockets! But then I remembered I have two pieces of woven ribbon/band from my grandmother that I think may have been intended to be used in Swedish national costumes – I know bands like them are used as gartes like that on national cotumes. I also found this post at The 18th Century Trading Post (Australia) with bands/band garters much like the ones I have:


They are a bit simble and peasant-ish though and I want mine to be a bit more luxurious. ;P So I’m a bit ambivalent concerning that too… I’ll put up images of the two bands I have later, promise!
   Maybe I should weave a band myself… I got a “gate loom”(?) from Kristina (mother-in-law again, love her) that I used to finish a band I had begun with a gate of my own but that broke in a move:


This gate is wider and better than the first one I had. The band in the image is made of linen (flax?) and the work of a beginner, hehe. ^^;

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