Since I have uploaded the pics to my computer and I promised to put them up, here’s the bands I was talking about:


The left one is in wool and the right one is in cotton, I think…

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2 Responses to “Bands…”

  1. Berg Says:

    I think they look very nice. Are the colours as brightish as they look in the picture?

    Do you know how they were made? With a loom or by hand? I looked in a book in the library where they described how you could make bands kinda like yours by “brickv√§vning” and they were indeed used as garters since they were rather elastic. I think you have made a nice find here.

    • Maria Says:

      Hehe, no, the picture had a bit bright colors… ^^;
      I think they both were made with a loom, with “brickv√§vning” (gosh, I knew the English name once, now it’s gone…) the pattern is more like fish-bone-is, hehe ^^;
      These are not very elastic either… =/

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