So the 14th of January was my 25th birthday! I got a lot of amazingly nice presents, but yesterday I got the best of the best!
   For graduation present after upper secondary school/high school I got a sewing machine from my mother. It was kind of a cheap unknown brand – but I was sooooooo happy and it was great for like 5 years, but the last year it’s really been kicking up a fuss; the needle broke every time I put it in reverse and it’s just been BAD but no one can find anything wrong with it – very frustrating! So I’ve been using my mother-in-law’s 40 year old Bernina, it’s been great but it still was just a loaner… =/
  I nearly cried when I opened the wrapping paper and saw the little sewing machine icon, the text “Keeping the world sewing” and those three little hearts. It was a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183!

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183

 I said I would try to sew like 80-90% by hand on this project, but I think I have to do all those seems that doesn’t show on machine now, hehe. ;P




  1. Berg Says:

    Grattis i dubbel bemärkelse! Maskinen verkar vara en liten goding – 83 stygn, oh my! Mycket nöje!

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