What I’ve spent so far

So this is a list of how much (or rahter how little) I have spent on my first 18th century outfit so far. I might fill in new stuff as I remember more, and of course as I buy new stuff and materials. =)

Fabric for pet-en-l’air: 30 SEK
Shoes: 50 SEK
Suede gloves for shoes: 30 SEK
Round place mats for hat: 29 SEK x2: = 58 SEK
Stays boning (stiff clothes line): Not over 30 SEK
Hoops boning (spring steel tape): 39 SEK
Shitfs fabric (linen sheet): 40 SEK
Hoops fabric: FREE (had been tucked away forever, don’t remember price)
Lining fabric: FREE (had been tucked away forever, from mom)
Base for buttons: FREE (“Inherited” from Robbie’s grandmother)
Embroidery floss and thread: FREE (“Inherited” through the years)
Petticoat fabric: FREE (tablecloth “inherited” from my grandmother)
Stays fabric: FREE (had been tucked away forever, don’t remember price)
Stays bias tape: FREE except a few tea bags for dyeing (from Robbie’s mother Kristina)
Shifts lace: FREE (“Inherited” from Robbie’s grandmother)
Fan: 10 SEK

Wig (including shipping): 364 SEK

TOTAL (so far) without wig: 323 SEK ≈ 25 EUR ≈ 34 USD ≈ 21 GBP

TOTAL (so far) with wig: 687 SEK ≈ 73 EUR ≈ 100 USD ≈ 62,50 GBP

6 Responses to “What I’ve spent so far”

  1. How cheap I really am! « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […]    You can view the whole list at the page “What I’ve spent so far” to your right. But I’ll give you the whole so-far-total right here and now, and I am […]

  2. mme Berg Says:

    The price for those two place mats looks terribly frivolous in comparison 😛

  3. Additions « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] By Maria I just added the very “expensive” wig to the total of what I’ve spent so far on the outfit. I also added the lace I’m going to use for the shifts aaaaaand a linen sheet I […]

  4. Walter Says:

    where have you found the pattern for your “pet en l’air” ? I dont understand how it is made, because the back-cape is in the gown, without any visible sewing ?There are not any waist cutting ? (excuse my bad english, I am french…) I go to Venise carnaval every year, and I cut all my costumes, but I have some difficulties with this marvellous style 18° “à la française”! You have so much succeed with your own costume , than I would be very happy to have any advices or designs from you ? Thank you very much !

  5. Susan Worth Says:

    Love the blog – I am researching women’s fashion 1760-1785 to determine the “mode in fashion” for each of these years. I need 50 images for each year (no actual costumes, just images from these years) and have 780 of the 1300 I need. I have looked at all the major museums and some minor ones in the English speaking world. Also some French sources. I have not looked at all your related blogs yet but hope they provide some new information.

    IF you know of any sources I could use on the internet I would love to hear from you.

    I hope to publish an article on this subject in Dress, the journal of the Costume Society of America. Incidently I have a doctorate in fashion and have taught the History of Fashion about 20 times.

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