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À l’independance ou le Triomphe de la liberté!

January 15, 2009

The perruque of perruques of the 18th century must have been the ship wig of Marie Antoinette:


Just now I found a wonderful and easy way of having a ship of your own in your hair! While surfing “rococo” in deviantART’s jewellry category I found this:


Isn’t it wonderful!? ^.^ I have been thinking about the possibilities of making something like this with a diadem, I’m definetley gonna “steal” this idea and make something like it in the future!
   And talking about wigs… For those of you playing The Sims 2: Some time ago I made four Louis XVI wigs to download for your game here. 😉

How to style your own wig!

January 3, 2009

I never bought that wig I was talking about. Instead I was thinking of styling my own wig, I had some ideas of how to go about, but while browsing that Démodé site I found a little tutorial for it! Follow link ->



January 2, 2009

Ok, it’s really hard to make something remotely mid-18th century-ish of my black bob cut with short bangs, I need a wig!
   I would really like to have something non-synthetic or at least something that looks non-synthetic. But I’m just too lazy and stingy to look very carefully. ;P
   So I’ve been surfing a Swedish auction site for a while and found this:


The auction ends in 6 h, but I would really love some opinions on it – does it look very fake to you? To me it looks better than a lot of those cheap novelty masquerade wigs out there… Hmm…

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