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May 5, 2010

Today I decided it was time to dress up once more and test and fit everything again, since I finished all the hemming. Well I didn’t need to fit it really, but I wanted to see that it still looked alright. I also wanted to take some better pics to show off my creation (this was the best I had). ;D So here you are, my pet-en-l’air so far:

Still only one arm trimmed though, and no real stomacher, hehe . And I kinda just wrapped the fabric for the petticoat round my waist… ^^;
I also used the one pocket hoop I have managed to make so far (soooo boring to seeew!) and they might work after all, what do y’all think?

Ooops, didn’t pin it very well, bah!


April 15, 2010

I confess – I am a period seamstress, in the meaning “woman who sews in periods”. XD The other day I entered a new sewing period, I might actually finish the actual jacket of the pet-en-l’air this week! I’m hemming and hemming and hemming right now, then there’s just the trimming! The stomacher might take some time…
   Anywhooo, the jacket looks a lot shorter than I anticipated, so now It looks quite a lot like my favourite pet-en-l’air:

Pet-en-l'air @ Manchester Art Gallery

When I started this project I wanted to use pocket hoops, so I started making a pair. My previous apprehension is now reality though; with the length it’s at now – it will not look very good with those big pocket hoops. So now I’m considering models for a bum/hip roll. I came across this some time ago, maybe a way to put that problem off a little… ;D

Oh, and we got a C on the thesis. ^^

New year – new energy

January 4, 2010

During the holidays I’ve been taking up on my blog feeds, getting myself very inspired indeed! =)
I’ve finished those tricky front hems on the pet-en-l’air, only the bottom hem left and then I can start the trimming and the stomacher! =D
I’ve had some thinking to do on the front hemming thing, I haven’t done a lot of detailed research, but by looking at images of dresses from the time – I’ve concluded that there is a big variation in how they went about it. So I just did what I felt would work best with my knowledge and what would look ok. I don’t know if I dare show pictures of how I’ve solved the problem, tough… ^^;
So that’s where I’m at right now. I might continue with the shift for a change of “scenery”, maybe put on some lace. ^^
One thing that’s been bothering me though, is that I might have to make a hiproll or something. The pet-en-l’air to me seem to not look very good with the size of pocket hoops I have (and still am working on ^^;), they look too big and wide… =S Oh well, that’ll have to be a later problem. ^^

To top this year’s first post off, I have some pictures of an heirloom, related to the 18th century. It’s a clock, that my sister Cecilia laid her hands on while we were cleaning out my dad’s appartment when he went to a retirement home. I’m greeeeeeeeeeeen with envy and so mad at myself for not being there before her to take it into my own posession! ;P It’s probably from the 19th century, but I loooove the details on the girl’s clothes, even in the back! I love that apron and if it turns out it’s somewhat 18th century I think I might make one with this as a model! =) She’s supposed to have a parasol or something in her hand, but it’s lost… =/


How cheap I really am!

September 9, 2009

In my last post I said quote:

– Wow, this has really become a quest for the cheapest way to make an as accurate as possible 18th century outfit, hehe ;P I’ll have to try and write down exactly how little I actually have spent on this project! =D The shoes cost no more than 50 SEK btw – about $5 I should think. ;D

And now I have summarized, to that extent my memory could manage, how much I have spent on stuff and materials for my very first “as-accurate-as-possible-for-as-little-monye-as-possible-18th-century-outfit”.
   You can view the whole list at the page “What I’ve spent so far” to your right. But I’ll give you the whole so-far-total right here and now, and I am serious!:

273 SEK ≈ 27 EUR ≈ 39 USD ≈ 23,50 GBP


July 30, 2009

Yup, at least one‘s finished! And not ONCE did I restort to my fancy sewing machine! ;P

Pocket hoop finished

Pocket hoops pics

July 7, 2009

Now these pics are a bit old since I have gotten much further in the progress, but since you allways seem so photo hungry…:

Cat bedThis is the fabric before I did anything to it. My constant little helper Sol the Cat helped me keep an eye on the fabric until I was going to use it… Yes – indeed that grey fluffy stuff is cat hair!

boningThis is the boning, aka spring steel tape used for clearing drains and sewers. Here all cut up, ends filed round and taped with electrical tape to minimize tear on fabric.

detailIt seems that almost everything they made in the 18th century had small curious details of decoration and finesse. So when I hemmed the small opening for the pocket I amused myself by making a little flower at the end, hehe. ^^;

heapA heap of unfinished pocket hoops…


June 8, 2009

So today me and my very good friend Malin (who is interested in millinery and might help me with hats in the future ;D) took a loooong 2 h walk to a fishing store. Her bf told us they might have silk floss. I looked them up on the net and in their web shop they had Lagartun silk floss! Jays! But of course they had none in at the store!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll order online!

Lagartun French Silk Floss

This weekend I also got the spring steel for the pocket hoops cut (since the cutters we had at home weren’t strong enough), I’ve only got like two of the three tunnels left to sew on one of the hoops – well after tonight I will. =) The other hoop is still quite unfinished, but I’ve taken my last exam for this term so I’ve kinda got summer break now! =D Yes I’ve taken pictures, but it’s really not much to see right now, hehe.
   Next assignment: buying piking scissors (I can’t believe myself I haven’t got a pair already).


May 20, 2009

Today I started the part project with the pocket hoops. As I’ve mentioned, I have a light brown cotton fabric I’m using for that – it’s a really horrible color, it looks like… the tummy flu or something, haha! XD But I didn’t choose, I just took what I had home and that’s what I had.
   This time I’m not making a pettern of my own actually, I’m using the pattern from Norah Waugh’s Corsets and Crinolines. The pattern is quite small and since I don’t have a ruler with inches marked, I had to convert every measurement to centimeters, that took quite some time, hehe…
   I’ve started sewing the pieces together, and yet I have not tired and resorted to my pretty new and shiny machine (who’s glaring at me with watery eyes from under my desk). Right now I’m reading for an exam on Swedish education history, so it’s a perfect pause in the reading to sew a new seam. It’s frustrating to know that I could be done much sooner if I wouldn’t have to read though!
   Well, hope to be back soon with pictures of my progress!

Nite nite!

Boning for pocket hoops, check!

May 18, 2009

Today I went on a scavanger hunt, for a fitting material for my pocket hoops. I went to the Swedish hardware store chain Clas Ohlson just to have a look around. Just when I got in I remembered that Adam, a fellow historical costume maker, tipped me about sewer cord (“rensband” in Swedish) – he had used it for stays before. It’s a spring steel tape and it’s commonly used to clear drains and sewers (haha, I know how it sounds… XD). I thought I’d look it up and when I saw it I just thought it was perfect! I had the feeling it would be a bit wide and stiffer and therefor not very suitable, but it looks great! And the very best thing was: it only cost me 39 SEK, which is like about 4.97 USD or 3.25 GBP, and that’s for 7.5 meters. Yays – pocket hoops next!

sewer rod

Guess what!?

May 13, 2009

Guess what!?

The stays are basicly DONE!!! I’m not kidding! They’re totally wearable! The only thing missing is the shoulder straps and a few decorative details.
   And YES! I will take pictures – as soon as my “better” half stops teasing me about the cute curl of the tabs and start helping me with the lacing!
   Next step: pocket hoops or shifts. It all depends on what I can find material for first. I have a light brown (ya, it’s really a horrible color) cotton fabric to use for the pocket hoops, but I don’t know what to use as boning… Any suggestions? Has anyone used anything but usual corset boning? Anything cheap? As for the shifts I have to find a good fabric, I thought I saw something I could use in town, but I don’t remember the price and I really have to be cheap right now… =/

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