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Stylish awesomeness

April 28, 2011

OMG! Have you seen this?

It’s too beautiful to describe! I love how the designer has taken the male style of fashion that we see in this time and given it a female shape, or taken the female shape of fashion and given it a  male style, or whatever, it’s so… awesome! The photographer says (in french, translated by me and google) that it is said to be from 1790 but may have been revisited in 1890. I don’t care! I want it!!!
   Now I need to finish my outfit! ^^;


Yes, why?

February 16, 2011

Sorry for taking so long with the comments, I’ll try to anwser them tonight! ^^; Here’s some entertainment:

The best ideas…

January 5, 2011

The best ideas were born in the 18th century!

Btw! Has anyone other than me noticed that there is a large part of us costumers out there who has cats feautured in our pics? Are costumers all cat people? =D

My cat Sol, inspecting the finished stays… =^.^=

Will and wigs

January 3, 2011

I’ve been drawn to the pet-en-l’air more and more lately, nothing’s happened yet – but at least I have the will to keep sewing! XD
I had an awful dream last night – I came to some sort of costume meeting in my half finished outfit, I just had one hoop and had to hold everything up and together – extremely embarrassing!!!
I feel that if I only could get past this trimming part it’ll all flow better. I’ve been thinking about restorting to the machine for the petticoat, but as I write this I’m reconsidering it. ;D

On another note, I just found an amazing wig maker on Etsy! Guess the name! – AntoinettesAtelier ofc! If I only had the money!

More after the cut!


Holiday Card 2010

December 23, 2010

Little has happened, but tis the season, so there’s lot to do. Like christmas cards… I thought I should make a tradition out of this holiday card thing I started last year. Yes, I put them both together myself. ;P

To all of you out there – Happy Holidays! =D

Medieval materials for the 18th century reenactor?

November 29, 2010

I was just cleaning up my favourites and I found this Swedish shop selling stuff for the medieval reenactor – Medeltidsmode. I had a look through the shop to see if I should save the link. I am interested in medieval reenacting, but right not I have only the 18th century on my mind – so my radar is set on that period. When looking through the goods I found myself thinking: “Ooh, that fabric would do nicely for shifts” a.s.o.
   They also have these old-fashioned pins, said to be perfect for fine fabrics:

So go have a look through the shop! Or go have a look in other medieval or maybe renaissance reenacting shops. Everything wasn’t new and novel in the 18th century – still today we use techniques and materials with roots waaaaay back in the history of fashion. ;D

A summer adventure

November 26, 2010

I just found a few images from a summer adventure at Stjernsunds castle!

This castle was built in the early 1800’s, but there was an earlier castle on the same spot which dates back to the 17th century. A few paintings of former inhabitants of the old castle still adorns the walls of the newer castle. I had the chance to see but not photograph 2 portraits of ladies from the 18th century, if I only could remember their names! XD

This is me, excited to go on the trip. ;P

The interior furnishing and decor is from the 1850’s, here’s a photo of the neo rococo furniture in a salon – love love loved it! Photo: Philip Håkanson, read more about the castle and see more photos here.

The huge lock on the door – after entering, photography was prohibited.

Are you still there?

November 26, 2010

Hope you’re still reading! XD Yes, this job stole a lot of sewing-time – but the truth is I already was extreeeeeemely bored with sewing on the trim! I have however noticed that I can steer my motivation for different projects. My motivation for this project was low for quite a while, but by starting to loook through my neglected blog feeds and watching The Duchess (again) – my motivation is growing! ;D
So, today I’m spending the day at home, being sick. I have christmas presents to make – but when they’re done I think I’ll take up the trimming again! ;D
And here’s a lol for ya:


July 24, 2010

We went to visit Stjernsunds castle today (more later), and now I really feel like sewing! But I’m at Robbie’s parents’ and I didn’t bring my sewing bag, so I’m feeding myself stuff like this. ;D

Versatile Blogger Award

July 19, 2010

Wow, another award! =D To be true, it always makes me so happy to get these awards, maybe because I never expect them, haha. ;D
   Thank you soooo much Angela of La Châtelaine Chocolat for nominating me! <$ 

So, as I’ve understood it (can’t find any rules), I am to name 7 things about me that you might not know, and then nominate 7 other bloggers for the award. Ok, this might take a while, hahaha! 

  1. My sewing and costuming interest started with my unsatisfying Barbie closet – I just started making clothes for her myself. If I remember correctly, the clothes were just closed with strings in the back like one of those hospital shirts, but at least the front looked ok… ;P  I wish I could find those old rags and just fall into a nostalgia coma or something, but I think they’re packed down with my old Barbie in my moms cellar  and she lives 5-6 h away. If I ever do find them however – I promise I’ll take photos, haha. ;P
  2. I’m a latex fetishist. That means I love to wear latex (natural rubber) clothing. Now, some of you might squirm in your chairs just by reading the word “fetish”. But actually a fetish could include anything from lace underwear to corsets to feet (yuck!). Plus, the old definition of the word “fetish” – that you can’t be sexually satisfied without getting to devote yourself to your fetish, is getting a little old, it’s used more freely today. I am totally fine with not wearing a latex catsuit in bed XD – but I still want to call myself a latex fetishist. Just because I love to wear beauuuuutiful, shiny clothes like the dress below, doesn’t mean I get turned on by spanking the crap out of you and your children and your goat, though.

    Candy Cup Flare Dress by Atsuko Kudo

    Sorry about the cursing, I’m just very sensitive about predjudice! Hrm… I’m ok now… ^^ To me, latex clothing is art! And it takes ten times the patience and skill to make clothes like this than it takes to make the most elaborate robe a la francaise by hand. 

  3. If you haven’t noticed it yet – I’m a period crafter, or what ever you want to call it. At times, I can work all my waking time on the pet-en-l’air or another part of the project, and then suddenly I don’t feel like doing anything at all. And then one day I feel like making jewellry (my jewellry), like I did the whole day yesterday and the day before that. And then I want to paint, or write or what ever… I have so many hobbies, and I love them all! I’ve been trying to choose one to get rid of, because it’s really messing up both our appartment and my head. But I just can’t bring myself to end it – it’s like giving away a baby or something… XD I don’t know if there’s a diagnosis for that, but even if there was – I would never take pills to deal with it – even if it means that I have thousands of unfinished projects lying around. ^^
  4. I don’t like style lables. I’ve been called hippie, punk, goth and everything between through the years – but I’ve never felt I fit into any of those boxes. Why is there even labled boxes for people? I’m Mia – the end!
  5. I’m a teacher. Or I will be as soon as I finish a few assignments I’ve been dragging behind with. I’ll be teaching in Swedish and religion for kids about the ages 15 -19. It’s been a dream since I was in that age myself and I believe it’s my calling in life. I feel the most happy when I’m teaching, and the kids seem to like me as well. ^^
  6. I love people, I love life stories and I love to listen to people talk. I’m such a great listener that people sometimes think I have nothing to say. I just like to listen and understand people, their opinions and problems before I leave my input in a discussion.
  7. If I’d ever get famous, of all my creative activities, I’d want to be famous for my writing. I mostly write poetry (my poetry, in Swedish), but right now I’m actually working on something that I’d like to turn into a novel some day.

Bit of a sad ending there, hehe, sorry about that. Let’s just get right to the nominations! =D
   As I’ve understood the rules, it doesn’t have to be an 18th century or history centered blog, and since all the 18th century oriented blogs I have in my feeds has already been nominated – I’m gonna go ahead and nominate a few interesting versatile bloggers with other themes. All of them are inspirational to me in ways I don’t think I’ll even ever know myself… XD (Listed in no particular order…)

Wunderkammer – I don’t know who’s behind this, but it’s a wonderful collection of wonderous wonders! A collection of images of everything macabre! Extremely inspirational – if you like that kind of stuff. ;D 


Zoetica Ebb of Biorequiem – A great artist, beautiful model and inspirational blogger. Plus I love her hair, and her back tattoo… I just love her style, I’m a BIG fan! ;D Just check her out! 

UllaBenulla – A wonderfully whimsical artist and teacher! I so much enjoy following Ulla’s blog, so much inspiration! 


…love Maegan – I love DIY and I must addmit – that’s the biggest reason I follow this blog, but Maegan has an amazing and versatile blog!

Suzanne of Wurzeltod – Another blog macabre I guess, but with a little more “cream on the cake”.

Trish of Trouvais – a wonderful interior design blog for the rococophile and the regular flea market visitor!

Adam Norman – a versatile costumer indeed!

Wow, I managed to get a list of 7 (I’m not a big blog reader, believe it or not)! I hope just I did everything right… XD

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