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A little old experiments…

June 17, 2009

Some time ago I experimented with some tutorials I found among Kristina’s stuff, I just remembered that I forgot to blog it! XD
   Here’s some Hedebo lace I tried on (the only kind of lace I have ever done) in flax/linen thread… Oh yeah – do not ask me what it is cuz I’ve found extremely little facts about it! – I have a tutorial in Swedish though if someone is interested – don’t worry about the language cuz there’s very good illustrations. =)


I’m thinking I might use it as trim on my flounces or something. =)

And here’s some white embroidery I tried on with a too thick thread and in a very wrong color… XD



May 17, 2009

Just before christmas, my better half’s grandmother passed away – may she rest in peace. Nobody’s exactly been looking forward to taking care of her belongings, but a couple of weeks ago, they started looking through her linen cabinets, with table cloths and curtains stuff (a loooooot of stuff). And what the family didn’t want to keep, I was lucky to get a chance to look through. They’re all so kind, me and Robbie have “only” been together for 4 years, I’m not even related by blood in any way – and still they allways think of me if they have stuff they want to get rid of. =D
   Anyhow, I found some quite beautiful things! =) I found two smaller white embroidery table cloths – I thought they might do cute engageantes, some useable lenghts of lace – of which one length is perfect for the shifts and a few curtain tufts (4 brown and 2 bone white) that might make cute details for something somethime, hehe. ^^;

finds 1

But I also found what has to have been a kind of mattress covering once, it’s a very soft and a little shiny cotton material in blue stripes with narrow yellow stripes in between:

finds 2

My first thought was that it’d make a perfect mock-up fabric for my pet-en-l’air, but now I’m thinking it’s too cute for that… Now I’m thinking robe á la turque/cutaway gown of some kind. ;D Maybe…? But I need a mock up fabric and I really don’t feel like buying one. =/
   Oh right, Kristina (Robbie’s mom) knew I had been admiring a pair of her mother-in-law’s draperies, so she had asked all the other involved if they wanted them or if I could have them. The draperies aren’t exactly in-fashion right now, so nobody really wanted them and Kristina said I could have them! I was sooooo excited, cuz they’re really beautiful and could absolutely pass as an 18th century fabric (I think). Just look at it!!!

finds 3

I have more to blog, I’ll just take lunch now and bbl! ;D

Flounces embroidery patterns

March 3, 2009

Through Google and then through Jane Austen Today I found some pretty simple but beautiful authentic 18th century embroidery pattern designs for white embroidery on Victoria and Albert Museum. At first I thought I wanted to make a pattern of my own for the flounces, but I wanted to look up some time typical designs to get the right look and that’s when I found these. Why not use them? I don’t have to do everything myself from scratch!


The story of the patterns is well worth reading, but I’m not going to go into that here and now – do go read about it (and find more patterns) here.

Cuffs on my mind

March 2, 2009

Who was I trying to fool? How did I ever come to the conclusion that there probably wouldn’t be much blogging for a couple of weeks?
   I had some errands downtown today and thought I might aswell go to the neelde crafts shop and see if they had some stuff I needed. First off I had to buy a new embroidery frame/embroidery hoop(?). But I was also on the hunt for a really thin white cotton fabric…
   See I have been thinking about cuffs/engageantes (difference?), the white cuffs that go under those attached to the sleeves. I’ve seen a lot of cuffs in pretty straight forward laces. But I’ve also seen them in thin cotton fabric with white embroidery (whitework embroidery). I don’t know why, I’ve just allways thought those net-ish laces felt a bit hard and sharp on they eye, the cotton embroided ones feel softer some how, hehe. ^^; And since I don’t know and don’t want to bother learning how to make pillow lace and tatting and such, and since I’m cheap – I would have to go buy some mass produced lace that doesn’t look very good. Instead I said to myself: why not stick to something I know something about – like embroidery?
   So anywhoo, I’m guessing some of you are wondering what I’m thinking, so here’s an example of what I have in mind:


These are a pair of engageantes from LACMA, silk embroidery on cotton. LACMA has some great examples of these kinds of engageantes btw.
   The shop where I bought the frame didn’t have what I wanted though so I went to my usual “secret” strawberry spot – Myrorna; a big Swedish chain of second hand stores where the profit goes to people in need. I had a look at the corner with curtains, table cloths and sheats and stuff, but found nothing. Then I came to think of blouses, the spring/cummer “collection” was up and there was a lot of thin clothing. I found exactly what I wanted in the “big sizes seciton”!!! A tunic of a really thin cotton fabric, plus it was really big, hehe. ;P So yeah, that’s what I’ll be using for the engageantes (or what ever they’re called). =D

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