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Stuck in book

June 28, 2009

Yeah, so I haven’t been sewing much. But I have my reasons! And these past few days I’ve been reading that book about Madame de Pompadour. It’s really interesting, since it not only is about the lovely creature herself – it also has little funny facts about the life in Versailles, the coedes end ettiquette and stupid little rules and of course notes about the clothing! In one part Lindqvist tells us how Casanova in his memoirs describes seeing some 20 women in hurry:

…but they walked in a curious way, they seemed to stumble forward. He learned that because they all wanted to seem as tall as possible they wore 15 cm [about 6″] heels, which made them walk with bent knees. (p. 103-104, my translation)

Now I’m a rather big fan of heels, so I thought this was really interesting. I have heels no taller than 8″ myself (me in boots), so 6″ isn’t that big of a deal to me and I’ve never experienced the problem of walking funny – on the other hand I probably would with paniers and a 20 kg dress on, and the models of shoes look rather unstable somethimes, hehe. ;D I would soooo love to have those 6″ 18th century heels though!

18th century heelsPicture from Johanna’s Flickr photostream

I’ve been browsing second hand for a good pair of 18th century looking shoes, even shoes with just the Louis or Pompadour heel so I can re-dress them – but with no result, they’re all the wrong size if I find something! I really can’t afford buying those super fancy 18th century copies! =((( Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.

18th century looking shoes I WON’T be buying PT2

May 13, 2009

Remember this post? Well, one of my favourite shoe brands has come out with a few more 18th century/pirate inspired shoes and boots that I absolutely won’t be wearing! Unless I suddenly get really tired of life and feel the guillotine is a great exit… XD Check these out, from Pleaser Funtasma:





Cheap way to 18th century-looking shoes! ;D

February 6, 2009

I LOVE ETSY! Or rather – I love the wonderful artists and craftsmen and -women putting their amazing stuff up there! ^^
   Yesterday I came upon mariapozodesign while browsing corsets. She has some wonderful corsets, but it seems she’s specialized in making spats. I instantly fell in love with her spats, they’re all wonderfully crafted with a delightful imaginaion and the right twinkle in the eye. The spats she make are mosly of a 19th-20th century look, but the ones I fell for was, of course, the spats made to make “ordinary” shoes look more 18th century:


Now I knoooooow it’s not a 18th century-right solution, but you’ve gotta addmit it’s darn cute. I might make something like them just for fun! =D

18th century looking shoes I WON’T be buying…

January 6, 2009

This morning I remembered I had seen 18th century looking shoes from my favourite shoe brands some time ago, so I looked up if they were as 18th century looking as I remembered – they kinda weren’t… XD

These are from Ellie Shoes:

They look kinda neat – but I think the world of 18th century reenacting would rage and send me straight to the guillotine! XD And if I wanted that I could just go along and wear these from Pleaser:


Don’t forget the shoes!

January 2, 2009

Gosh, I don’t have anything that could serve as 18th century shoes! I’ve been looking at second hand, but nothing looks good! =/
   At least now I know how to make something that could look good – if I found something with the right Louis looking heel. I found this great blog where Loren teach us how to make modern day shoes look 18th century! Check it out!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

18th c looking shoe

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