Stomacher – basicly done! (Photoooos!)

Well well well, I actually pull through sometimes! ;P These past days have been very productive indeed!
First – I promised you fail-pics of the first button I covered and I’m just gonna go ahead and get it over with. Don’t ask me how I did this or why, let’s just leave it at this, k?

I managed to find some old flat buttons from here and there that were roughly the same size:

And use this method I mentioned in a previous post, to make these li’l cuties (*proud button mommy*):

And then, I sew them on, and the trim aswell… ;D

In this photo, it’s not quite finished, but you get the idea. ;D The only thing I’ve got left to do with the ctual pet-en-l’air is finishing the back piece of the stomacher and finishing the trim at the bottom of it (still boooooooooooooooooooringgggg)! I’m actually staring to see an end to this! ^^;
I am sooo glad I chose to go with the buttons, Doesn’t it look awesome!? (I know some of the buttons look off center, but they’re not…)
So yeah, soon – pics of the finished outfit! ;D

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5 Responses to “Stomacher – basicly done! (Photoooos!)”

  1. A traveller in time Says:

    OMG that looks gorgeous. The buttons are a perfect match to your pet-en-l’air!

  2. Katharina Blanchard Says:

    I love the buttons! I’ve been following your blog for awhile because I so want to make an 18th century dress. One of these days I will start but for now I am enjoying your posts. You are inspiring!!

  3. Betty Says:

    WOW! Dress – gorgeous. WOW! Buttons – Beautiful.
    Excellent craftsmanship. Dress, fabric and buttons are a
    beautiful marriage. Betty

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