Finished walking stick! <3

I’ve finally put together my extremely cheap walking stick!

To remind you: I got this awesome black bamboo stick for 10 SEK (about 1 EUR, 1,55 USD and not even 1 GBP)! It’s actually a garden decoration, but it’s straight, light and hard – plus it totally has that chinoise air! The knob is a curtain rod knob I got second hand for 5 SEK (about 0,50 EUR, 0,78 USD and 0,50 GBP). More about where I got the materials in this post.

So I’ve spent about 1,50 EUR, or 2,33 USD, or about 1,50 GBP on this beauty. Smiling Fox Forge’s walking stick is $50 – without the chinoise air! ;P The total length is about 147 cm.

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4 Responses to “Finished walking stick! <3”

  1. Madame Berg Says:

    Yay for being thrifty!

  2. A traveller in time Says:

    Very elegant! Mmmm that bamboo does look nice. And such a bargain. Mine’s not going be as thrifty or as tall. It’s about 128cm and but I’m enjoying making it. And since your bamboo looks so nice I think that old fishing rod downstairs is about to meet it’s Waterloo!

  3. A traveller in time Says:

    Oops errant apostrophe there! Apologies.

    .. is about to meet its Waterloo!

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