The best ideas…

The best ideas were born in the 18th century!

Btw! Has anyone other than me noticed that there is a large part of us costumers out there who has cats feautured in our pics? Are costumers all cat people? =D

My cat Sol, inspecting the finished stays… =^.^=

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5 Responses to “The best ideas…”

  1. maelis Says:

    I wonder.
    .. have been asking myself, too. All I see is cats 😛
    BUT,… i’m a tailor, and I have ultimate proof, that not only cats infiltrate your sewing chamber ^^
    Visit laguepiere – you’re featured there too! 🙂

    Many greets

  2. Mia Says:

    Åh lilla Sol, vad söt du är! 🙂

  3. maelis Says:

    I’ve been wondering, too!
    Take a look 🙂

  4. Isabella D'Angelo Says:

    I have a dog but I think I’m in the minority…. Although, I believe it’s easier to dress up a dog in a cute outfit than a cat!

  5. maelis Says:

    I thought you have a cat only!
    I featured you, but .. as a cat-owner only 😛

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