Boning in stomachers – necessary?

Since I’m coming closer to making the stomacher, I’ve been looking at ways to go at it. I’ve been looking at stomachers ofc, and then I had a look at this tutorial (that I also used to make the pattern for the pet-en-l’air). They say to put boning in the stomacher – is that really necessary? I’ve been looking at so many stomachers and not very many of them seem to have boning (or am I just blind?).
   How did you go at it? Experiences?

Back of stomacher from MET.

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3 Responses to “Boning in stomachers – necessary?”

  1. Rowenna Says:

    I’ve only done a jacket stomacher, and the boning was pretty helpful for keeping the recalcitrant thing from wrinkling or rolling the wrong direction. I only did three channels, though–very minimal. However, I’ve also blithely left boning out of the fronts of other things that call for them, and count on my stays to provide the requisite stiffness–and they do. Sorry I’ve not got better info! Good luck!

  2. Isis Says:

    It’s optional. As you say, there are extant examples on both. I have never boned mine, but used a heavy fabric as a foundation. Wool in one case and two layers of linen that I quilted in the other. Haven’t wrinkled so far. 🙂

  3. 18thcladyMary Says:

    In every previous jacket and gown I have had NO boning has ever been used in the stomacher. My husband always pins the stomacher to my stays, and then I put on the jacket/gown. I have never, ever had it move, roll, crease, etc.
    Just recently a jacket was make for me with 3 channels of boning in the stomacher. It ended up ‘bowing out’ at the top, creating a most unflattering gap. It also felt completely and unnecessarily stiff over my already-stiff stays.
    I ended up having to open it up myself and take out the boning. Now the stomacher lays wonderfully, and the fit with the jacket is perfect!
    I am currently in the process of having a sacque back gown made and have asked the seamstress NOT to bone the stomacher. I can’t see how it would be needed at all when one has all that support from the stays—-just my 2 cents

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