Medieval materials for the 18th century reenactor?

I was just cleaning up my favourites and I found this Swedish shop selling stuff for the medieval reenactor – Medeltidsmode. I had a look through the shop to see if I should save the link. I am interested in medieval reenacting, but right not I have only the 18th century on my mind – so my radar is set on that period. When looking through the goods I found myself thinking: “Ooh, that fabric would do nicely for shifts” a.s.o.
   They also have these old-fashioned pins, said to be perfect for fine fabrics:

So go have a look through the shop! Or go have a look in other medieval or maybe renaissance reenacting shops. Everything wasn’t new and novel in the 18th century – still today we use techniques and materials with roots waaaaay back in the history of fashion. ;D

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3 Responses to “Medieval materials for the 18th century reenactor?”

  1. Le Loup Says:

    This is something living historians & reenactors often don’t think about, your life does not start in say 1720 just because that is the period you have chosen to interpret. If you are say 40 years of age, then you were born in the 17th century and by 1700 you are already 20 years of age with clothing and equipment preferences. Much of your hardware will be 17th century, not 18th century.
    One needs to go back in time to get a true perspective of one’s persona.

  2. Madame Berg Says:

    I have that page in my fav folder! Though I’ve never ordered from them yet. They seem to have a very nice selection of fabric.

  3. Rachael Kinnison Says:

    Thankyou for posting this~ I have been looking for a good source for pins just like these~ WOO HOO!~ THANKYOU VERY MUCH! I am currently dressing one of my dolls c1620 🙂
    xoxoxo rachael

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