Yesterday was the day!

No, it was not the day that I finished the outfit – actually I haven’t done much at all since my last post. Gosh, this will take years! 😄 I’d really love to get it done by Halloween, but what are the odds of that? 😄
   I have good reasons though! I’m still working on some assignments I have left from school, all the while I’ve been looking for a job.
   And yesterday the universe just kept giving and giving!
   First I had an e-mail conversation with my teachers and it turns out I have much less left to do than I thought (among other things I had started writing a paper I didn’t have to write, doh!).
   THEN – and this is actually the BESTEST thing of the day – I got a call from a woman working with a temp teacher agency (they send out temps to schools in the region) I’ve been applying to work for, and she offers me a job!!! OMG, I still can’t believe it! It might not give me a very steady income, but I’ll be working, getting experience, making contacts and TEACHING! This is what I’ve been striving for 5 years now!!! *Happy happy happy dance*
   Hrm, yeah… And then I got a call from my sister – the estate inventory after my father is finished and I’ll be getting some coins coming my way. It’s not much, I haven’t bothered with asking exactly how much either, I didn’t expect anything – it doesn’t matter. To be honest though, it is a nice relief on my economy.
   After all this – I had go get myself a lottery ticket, since the universe was so giving. I buy one, just one and I WIN! Well, only 50 SEK (about $7) or 2 new tickets – but still! I got 2 new tickets, haven’t scratched them yet – could I still have the luck from yesterday?


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