Starting a new piece

So, now I’ve got a serious case of pms-mood… I feel like sewing, but I’m sooo tired of pinning the trim, or emroidering buttons… Gotta start something new!
   I started looking trough my stuff and said to myself – why not start with the petticoat!? I’m gonna use this method, kindy described by Katherine (Thank you!).

I’m thinking I shouldn’t start with the one I’m actually gonna use for the pet-en-l’air. So I’m starting with a fabric I’m not too careful of, but still can use as an under petticoat or simple womans petticoat – like the old light green linen sheet I used for the lining of the pet-en-l’air. There’s still enough for a petticoat see. ;D
   Shouldn’t be too hard, right? ;P
   Totally making this one by machine btw! It’s just a kind of toille that I might wear later anyway so… ;P

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One Response to “Starting a new piece”

  1. Angela Says:

    Hey, this looks great. Thanks for sharing that link to “how to make the petticoat”. I have made petticoats like this and it is soooo easy to get in and out of it and adjust. In the US we have found prequilted cotton fabric (top and back) with simple diamond pattern about 1″ that for a quick quilted petticoat works – the pleating at the top is a bit thick but helps with the “extended” bum roll look you need if you pleat from side front to back. You can see it on one of my postings: or for Feb 2010 if you go to my blog and search the older postings. Can’t wait to see the whole thing done!

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