This is it!

Ok, so Robbie’s vacation starts in two weeks, think I can finish the outfit until then? Well that’s the goal right now. In two weeks I need to:

  • Finish fastening the lining in the back of the pet-en-l’air
  • Finish the trimming on the pet-en-l’air
  • Make the stomacher to the pet-en-l’air
  • Finish the buttons to the stomacher
  • Finish the second pocket hoop
  • Make the petticoat
  • Make an under petticoat
  • Finish the shoes
  • Finish the shifts

I also might have to:

  • Adjust the stays – the front tab stands outfit a little too much because of the coiled up plastic clothes line I used as boning…

If I really put my mind to it, I know I can do it… But my mind doesn’t really work like that, I’ll have to work even if I begin to despise the very thought of the whole project. Give me strength! I really do want to finish it! =)


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