Traces of textiles in Swedish supplementary law 1644-1794

A fellow larp:er and costumer, Adam Norman, has just finished a paper on textiles in Swedish supplementary law between 1644 and 1794. I am sooo excited to start reading it!

Unfortunatley it’s in Swedish, but this is the abstract:

The purpose for this paper has been to study the clothing as it appears in Swedish supplementary law between the years 1644-1794. The author have been studying the original documents and comparing laws from different years with each other. Old names of textiles have been explained, as far as have been possible. Through the study we can see how the laws first regulated the nobility, but quite quickly spread to burgess, the priesthood as well as the common people. There are some great differences in what the different classes were allowed to wear. The supplementary law both deals with the fabrics , the decorations and the cut and construction of clothing. In the laws we can see that the Swedish state introduced exact models of how the people should dress in the mid-18th century. The laws shows us what the government wished for, and not the absolute reality. In order to see how the laws were followed we must examine court orders and perhaps even art.

As soon as I’ve read it I’ll try to write a little summary, or something like it! ;D

For you Swedes, you can download the paper from Adams blog, here.

Adam in his 17th century garb

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3 Responses to “Traces of textiles in Swedish supplementary law 1644-1794”

  1. Adam Says:

    Ja, kom gärna med en recension! Det vore intressant att veta vad som är bra och vad som kan göras bättre.

    And to all of you who doesn´t speak or read swedish: If you have any specific question or thought about my paper just e-mail me at and I will try to answer you. Unfortunately i don´t have the time to translate everything right now, but google translate could maybe help you 😉

  2. Angela Says:

    Thanks Maria. I am almost of summer vacation where I can catch up and read good articles on historical clothing. Cheers.

  3. Olivia Says:

    Forgive me for thinking that he looks incredibly like Louis in Interview with the Vampire xD

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