On fake openings

There are so many details to consider when you’re working on a project like this and I’ve been more and more attentive to these details. I love to learn! And you learn by asking questions – so I’m asking more and more questions as I go. By looking at paintings and surviving originals of 18th century clothing, I try to anwser these questions.
   Today I was browsing MAG (again) and found the anwser to one of the questions I’ve been pondering: “were there ‘fake button openings’ stomachers in the 18th century?” (Or: “could I do a fake button opening on my stomacher and get away with it?”). The anwser is TOTALLY:

Stomacher & bows from Manchester Art Gallery

The trim is also set like I’m planning to set it on my own stomacher for the pet-en-l’air! =)

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