I confess – I am a period seamstress, in the meaning “woman who sews in periods”. XD The other day I entered a new sewing period, I might actually finish the actual jacket of the pet-en-l’air this week! I’m hemming and hemming and hemming right now, then there’s just the trimming! The stomacher might take some time…
   Anywhooo, the jacket looks a lot shorter than I anticipated, so now It looks quite a lot like my favourite pet-en-l’air:

Pet-en-l'air @ Manchester Art Gallery

When I started this project I wanted to use pocket hoops, so I started making a pair. My previous apprehension is now reality though; with the length it’s at now – it will not look very good with those big pocket hoops. So now I’m considering models for a bum/hip roll. I came across this some time ago, maybe a way to put that problem off a little… ;D

Oh, and we got a C on the thesis. ^^

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3 Responses to “Bum-bi-bum…”

  1. Angela Says:

    I can’t wait to see your jacket when it is done. I prefer the 1780’s-early 90’s styles which has more of a bustle padding rather than a complete bum roll or panniers. I am 5 feet so when I wear the side padding it really makes me look shorter and stocky…avoid, avoid, avoid. 🙂

  2. Mme B Says:

    Experiment with smallish hoops too, if you can. I believe a pet-en-l’air should emphasize the hips rather than the butt 😛 since the pleats in the back will hide most of it anyway (unless the p-l’air is VERY short. I suppose you could make a bum roll that’s more flat towards the back and more oomph at the hips too.

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