Silk & the 18th century in Swedish radio

It just struck me that I forgot to post the promised photos of that yellow silk I’m aiming to use for a pair of mitts. So here they come! ;D

This is the box I found it in, it says “Yellow silk for table cloth” in my grandmother’s writing. I’m guessing it’s left-overs from the making of the table cloth, saved in case the table cloth would be damaged.

And the silk:

And for my fellow Swedish-speaking 18th century-philes… This morning my favourite morning radio show, Morgonpasset i P3, had a guest – Sara Lodin. She’s an 18th century freak and anwsered questions about the 18th century in the show this morning. Listen to the show here. And here’s a pic of Sara in full gear in the studio (from the site):

Well, now I’m off for sewing! ;D

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3 Responses to “Silk & the 18th century in Swedish radio”

  1. Angela Says:

    Maria, thanks for joining and following my blog I appreciate it. I love your site and you have fabulous ideas to share. I haven’t done much of late, but I am embarking on a couple of projects. Knitting a pair of 18th century mitts and making a cloth pair as well. I also hope to start on a Pierrot jacket and one of those muslin skirts with embroidery at the hem – Not sure how that is going to happen but we shall see. As I start the projects I hope to put them up on my blog. I will stay in touch. Hope you are well and keep the joy coming.

  2. Clare Sager Says:

    Aw, gorgeous fabric! Thank you for the promised picture 🙂

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