I want to challenge all my readers with their own 18th century fashion blogs! Well, of course everyone can accept the challenge, but… Oh you’ll see! ;D
   As much as we’d all like to wear 18th century fashion 24/7, it can be a little impractical. So we have to do what we can to bring a little of this era of awesomeness in our daily outfits – or I try to at least! What I’d like to know is how do you do it? I challenge you all to post a picture of your daily selves in your blogs, explaining how you try to bring a little of the 18th century into your 21st century fashion. There will be no prize, but I assure you – there will be praise! ;D
   I’ll put away my shy Swedish genes for a while and take the first piece of the cake:

I had quite the bad-hair-day when I took this photo, hence the cap, I’m also a big uniform fetishist and this is basicly the only kind of cap I can stand.
   The earrings are DIY, I wear them all the time to bring my look a little bit closer to the 18th century (even if something remotely like them never would have been worn during the era). They just make me feel romaticly chique!
   The hoodie is a present from my good friend Malin – it’s got a print with skulls and antique roses, looove it!
   The scarf is from the kid’s department at H&M and it’s got the cutest print ever, with elements that represent me so well! It’s got roses and butterflies in pink and turqoise, the background print is a mixture of stars, hummingbirds, butterflies, roses and other plants in black and a little pink, while the backround is a wonderful bluish grey. If I could make an 18th century dress in that fabric I totally would! =D
   Your turn! (Comment below with a link to your post or image or what ever you feel like contributing with.) ;D

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One Response to “Challenge!”

  1. Peyton Says:

    So happy you are feeling better! Super cute outfit by the way. =D

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