I have this old piece of yellow silk (yes yes, pics coming! ;P) that I’ve kinda inherited. I’ve been a little scared of using it if I’d mess up. But I figured I’d have to get over it and soon I was thinking of what I might be able to do with such a small piece (or rather pieces, haven’t measured them yet either). Soon it came to me – mitts! And as far as I know silk actually was used for mitts – the MET has a few examples…
   I was thinking something in the line of these:

18th century mitts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

So a few days ago I inquired after a free simple pattern on the Historical Sewing Forum, the results weren’t as great as I had wished, so I started thinking of making an own pattern.
   However, today I came upon a more modern pattern, all by chance! Have a glance at these:

By yoshimi @ BurdaStyle. Now I know that these propably are made for stretchy fabrics and son’t have the right cut aso. aso. aso. But It’s hell of a good start! ;D Go check out BurdaStyle! You have to be a member to get free patterns and stuff, but signing up is free too so it’s totally worth it! ^^

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6 Responses to “Mitts”

  1. Clare Sager Says:

    Yay for random stumbling across useful things! And yay for Burda Style – free patterns are fast becoming one of my favourite things in the whole world.

    I did chuckle to myself – I was thinking “want photos!” just as I read your comment on how they’re coming soon 🙂

  2. Mme B Says:

    Good find! You’re clever and probably already thought of it, but the fabric should be cut on the bias or it will be difficult to get the mitts on 😛

  3. Silk & the 18th century in Swedish radio « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] in Swedish radio By Maria It just struck me that I forgot to post the promised photos of that yellow silk I’m aiming to use for a pair of mitts. So here they come! […]

  4. michele Says:

    I thought that you might be interested in these yellow silk 18th century mitts….

    Accession No. 23448 + A

    A ladies’ pair of yellow taffeta silk mittens, cut on the bias to give stretch,
    Circa 1750 – 70, elbow length with flap over knuckles, with flounced and pinked upper openings, the thumb and shaped hand cover delicately embroidered with leaf bands and cross hatching in silver thread, s-shaped opening to the under-arm and palm with silver thread lattice threads, 32 cm long.
    Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spencer.
    Conserved 1995 – 1999 with help from NHLF

  5. michele Says:

    Oh, also, make sure you do a mock up before you make them out of your silk. I made a pair for me in a black silk lawn this past winter and I do not like how they fit! I wish that I had made a cotton pair as a trial first…..let us know how it goes!

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