More bloggin’ ahead and FREE corset patterns!

On friday we turned in the degree thesis again, after a few changes, we are very pleased and eager to get a good grade in week 5. This means that I won’t have a whole lot to do until then… Which probably will mean a whole lotta sewin’ and bloggin’! ;D
   This past week I have discovered two new blogs! And I must say, they may be two of the most interesting I’ve read on the subjects of history and costume making!
   Just this morning I read the latest post on Jane of All Trades… and lo and behold! Thar be free stays patterns! =D The place described where the patterns should be, a certain Ralph Pink’s site, did not work for me though. However I found them on the blog linked form the site! So this is where I got 5 free corset patterns -> . Just click the image of the corsets, don’t be fooled by the more modern corset in the image, the zip-file you download contains 5 different corset patterns, including two stays patterns! ALL FREE!!! (Yes, I am cheap, but I’m very generous too! ^^)
   I also want to drop the blog name Two Nerdy History Girls (aren’t we all? ;P), that I found via 18th century blog. History, mostly 18th century, with amazing pictures!

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5 Responses to “More bloggin’ ahead and FREE corset patterns!”

  1. ralph pink Says:

    Hey thanks for linking to my site…. i got a ping back this morning… will link you…
    trully thank you..

  2. Clare Sager Says:

    Well thank you, Miss Fuchsia – on two counts: for the kind mention and linkage and for pointing me to Mr Pink’s other collection of patterns – I only had three of the five!

    Will go and check out Two Nerdy History Girls post haste! x

  3. Susan Holloway Scott Says:

    Good morning, Mme. Fuchsia! Many thanks for the kind words for the Two Nerdy History Girls, and yes, we’re ALL nerdy history girls at heart. We’ve reciprocated by linking to your own project. Knowing how much goes into an 18th c. gown, I’m very impressed.

    Thank you, too, for reminding me to redo the photos of Mrs. Newton’s gown so that they can be viewed in more detail. I couldn’t fix them on the original posts, but I did move them over to my other blog. Here’s the link to the links:

    Good luck with your gown!

  4. Bum-bi-bum… « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] and we got a C on the thesis. […]

  5. My Steamy Way Says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

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