A blessed birth, 26 years ago…

The fourteenth of January in the year of our lord 1984, ’twas a snow whipped afternoon. And this afternoon, the world was blessed with the divine and glorious birth of our beloved Lady patron Maria Gibson!



5 Responses to “A blessed birth, 26 years ago…”

  1. lithiablack Says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. Mme B Says:

    And a happy, happy birthday to you! Thanks so much for the invite to the muffin party; I’m only too sad I can’t make it (having to say no to muffins! The thought!) but I send you my best greetings instead! Have a jolly one!

  3. Clare Sager Says:

    Happy Birthday, my dear! I hope you’re having a lovely day (with plenty of pretty things, like those MA cakes!).

  4. Maria Says:

    Thank you so much everybody! =D

  5. Angela Says:

    Happy birthday my fellow Capricorn. Mine was yesterday the 14th. Have a great day and enjoy!

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