Fitting fitting fitting

So last friday at 1600 h I turned in that soul eating degree thesis… Since then I’ve been re-building my soul, by sewing of course!
   I’ve taken upp the pet-en-l’air again (I’m working on several parts of the outfit at the same time). I have now finished what I have dreaded for a long time – fitting the front opening. This was however necessary to be able to continue with other parts of the piece, like trimming. I feel sooo close to finishing now, I can taste it (kinda tastes like wild strawberries ;P).
   And that’s kinda it… For now… Today I think I’ll make the sleeves a weeeee bit longer, to see how I should distribute the little fabric that’s left for trimming and stuff. =)

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One Response to “Fitting fitting fitting”

  1. Angela Says:

    Congratulations on turning in the Thesis! You can sigh more than a relief, eh? I have been following your blog but not recently – sorry – so what was your thesis on? Yes, I would love to know! I am in the process of costuming the school play where I work so all my personal sewing is on hold. Goal? A new 18th century corset and a 16th century corset. I just visited Diary of a Mantua Maker blog and she has finished her riding habit – I so want to make one of those! Anyway, keep sharing, please – I love your blog and your enthusiasm. Angela

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