New inspiration!

Have you noticed how good the MET are at putting up new pieces in the costume institute’s online collections? I totally adore them – they should get a price or something!!! ❤
   At breakfast today I had a cup of tea and a new look at the MET’s online collections – and to my total exultation I found a new pet-en-l’air to inspire my work. It’s labeled “Jacket (Caraco)” but don’t you think it should say pet-en-l’air? S=/

New pet-en-l'air

Notice the super cute printed cotton! Have to have!
   I’m also noticing the lack of trim at the bottom… I was considering leaving that out on my own pet-en-l’air, but I thought it might not look very good – this kinda confirms my thoughts; it’s the only thing on this piece that I don’t like all that much. I’m trimming the bottom of my pet-en-l’air!

Oh, and about that lecture I went to: It was fun – but you didn’t miss much. One hour was a short lecture considering they went through 300 years of wedding and coronation fashion history. All the costumes they showed pictures of will be exhibited at Livrustkammaren in Stockholm in May 2010 – so look fowared to that instead! =)

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7 Responses to “New inspiration!”

  1. mantuamaker79 Says:

    I think calling it a Caraco can actually be correct as two jackets in this style in the Galerie des Modes prints are called that in their descriptions in French.


  2. mantuamaker79 Says:

    Oops for forgot a third one (sorry the link is all spread across…i don’t know how to stop that)

    I like your idea of adding trim to the bottom of yours…I know there is another one without trim like this on the bottom in the KCI collection but it just looks strange to the eye to not have trim there!

  3. mme Berg Says:

    You find the most wonderful things – and share them! Yay!

    Is there a way to get noticed when the met updates their online collection? Or do you just have to sleuth around a lot?

    I love that pet-en-l’air (yes, I would call it that too!) partly but not only because I’m making one right now too! 😛

  4. Elle Says:

    This is a caraco, it’s a short jacket.
    A pet-en-l’air is longer in the back.
    And many of pet-en-l’air haven’t trims a the bottom. Personnaly I prefer it whithout.

  5. Johanna Says:

    I would call it a pet-en-l’air too. I’ve gotten the impression that caraco is just the collective name for “jackets” in general, including the pet-en-l’air, so both would be right but one more specific.

  6. Abby Says:

    Is this exhibit similar to the one that was at Versailles this summer? If it was, it is definitely worth going too. The pieces consisted mostly of Swedish, Danish and Russian pieces as it was ah-mazing.

  7. Lauren Says:

    Wow 1 hour for 3 hundred years of fashion! I am trying to imagine it!

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