I was just watching Cranford (mid 1800’s) on SVT Play and they mentioned flannel – It got me thinking about my previous assumption that flannel didn’t exist in the 18th century – maybe it did?
   Googling it I found this on Wikipedia:

The French term flanelle was used in the late 17th century, and the German Flanell was used in the early 18th century. (Wikipedia: Flannel)

   Which got me googling further and I found this:

Dicky was 18th century slang for a flannel petticoat (Probert Encyclopaedia)

   It apperas this is all said about wool flannel though, and I got that super cute cotton flannel I wanted to use… Hmpf… Oh well, it seems flannel wasn’t really used for anything other than undergarments anyway so… =/ I guess it still has to be for a not very accurate project, hehe… ^^;

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One Response to “Flannel?”

  1. Isiswardrobe Says:

    It was used for mourning clothes. Black started to be used for mourning more and more during the century, and flannel was good because it wasn’t shiny. The mourning version of Gustaf III’s national suit was to be made out of black flannel. 🙂

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