Started re-make of shoes!

Those of you who have read that last post about my spent-so-far-list might have notices that it says: “Suede gloves for shoes: 30 SEK”. I actually was one step ahead of Madame Berg who kindly suggested that I look for cheap second hand suede gloves! ;D Just a day or two after I bought the shoes I found myself a pair of suede gloves to modify the shoes with! =D
  It wasn’t until today that I started working on it though. First I removed those ghastly rubber bands on the shoes, then I started to rip the seams of the gloves. Right now I have cut out the parts I am going to attach to the shoes. I have some ideas before I do that though, and I need materials before I can start.
   I’m thinking of having a light pink colored trim in a silk like material, just cause I think black and pink looks so great together. ;D I found these shoes here to justify this, hehe:

1790's kid slipper

They’re kid slippers from the 1790’s, but I think my idea will look gorgeous, so I’m sticking with it no matter how late these are or who wore them. =P But I still wanna know what y’all think! <)

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