Shoes for meee!

JOY, oh joy, oh joy!
   Indeed I have found myself a pair of shoes for this little (read: HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE) project of mine! I really do love Myrorna – the charity chain of second hand stores! They were perfect, perfect size, perfect heel, I dare almost say that even the material is perfect!
   Okay okay! Here’s two pics:

Shoes 1 

Shoes 2

The material is black suede, at first I thought I’d have to redress the whole shoe – thinking that they didn’t use suede for shoes in the 18th century. Turns out there are a few examples of suede shoes from the time:

Suede shoes

Aren’t they cute? I Know these are late 18th century, but here’s an example of mid 18th century shoes in suede.
   So now all I have to do is remove that horrible elastic weft of rubber bands. *Shiver with utter dislike* Oh, and find a rather small amount of black suede for tounges and stuff, and buckles… ^^

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6 Responses to “Shoes for meee!”

  1. mme Berg Says:

    Jackpot! Yes, they’re truly perfect.

    May I suggest? Continue to haunt the thrift stores and see if you find a cheapo bag or belt made from black suede, that could save you $$$ compared to buying new suede by the yard…

  2. Clare Says:

    Oooh – they are lovely! Gorgeous shape! Good tip on the suede, Mme B!

  3. adamnorman Says:

    Vilka perfekta skor =D Ska bli mycket spännande att se hela dräkten när den är klar!

  4. Le Loup Says:

    Good find, well done!

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    […] By Maria Baaah! Now I remember why I stopped in the middle of rococo-ifying the shoes! The tounges I made fit over the gaps from the old rubber bands when I don’t wear them, but […]

  6. One more quickie « Fuchsia’s 18th century dress Says:

    […] to show you the tounge for the shoes. Sorry for all these mobile photos, I know they suck… Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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