Progress and ideas

It seems I won’t have decided on the decoration/trim ideas until the pet-en-l’air is actually finished, hehe. XD
   Anywhooo – I’ve started to put the pieces together, what’s left:

  • Sleeves
  • Hemming
  • Gathering in sides
  • Decoration/trim
  • Stomacher

And on the stomacher point I have great news – it seems I will have enough fabric left to make a stomacher of the same fabric – which I am extremely happy about! I’m considering making a button closed thing like seen on most surviving pet-en-l’airs:

One question that I must consider in that case is buttons; I have these cute metal buttons – but except from riding jackets I haven’t seen metal buttons on womens clothing, so maybe I’d better learn to dress my own buttons. Ooh, I just remembered why it’s so great blogging in matters like this – I come up with new ideas as I write! =D I just rememered I’ve seen another kind of button:


This is from this dress at FIT. Maybe I’ll just try this version! 😀
   Before I leave you for some sleeve cutting I just want to share some ideas I have:


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2 Responses to “Progress and ideas”

  1. Abby Says:

    Have you looked into about a 10 year time frame that you want your outfit to be in? The reason I ask, is that trim really changed rapidly through the 18th century, and I know by looking at some of your images you posted you have some 1780s gowns and their trim. With your hoops, you seem to be more interested in the more mid 18th century rather than later? This might help you with ideas as to what you really want to do. As for the two basic trims gathering and box pleating- box pleating is much much easier and quicker to do than gathering. I have learned this the hard way. Plus, there is a really nice look if you were to do big box pleated cuffs too.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but you can get do-it-yourself covered buttons that are easy to do. But if you are really set on the threaded button, google ‘death head’ buttons, and try to see if you can find a tutorial. That’s basically what those threaded buttons are (but a simple death head button is much more basic).

    You could always do the self cover buttons, and do small embroidery of a flower or greenery on the buttons to give them that extra flair. That was very very common as well. I always thought that doing one’s initials would be really neat..but I have no primary proof for that.

    Happy sewing! 🙂

  2. mme Berg Says:

    Chole on Slightly Obsessed has a tutorial on buttons. I love her tutorials.

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