Ribbon flowers – it’s THAT easy!

Hehe, yeah – right now I’m kinda trying to work up energy to post pictures of my progress and stuff.
   I’ve been trying to figure out how to make nice fabric flowers and it just hit me that I could just google tutorials, hehe ;P Yeah, I am that slow sometimes! XD
   So I found at least two super great tutorials on making two different kinds of ribbon roses. The first one looks like the easiest to me:

The second one is great too though:

And the best thing with this second one is that I found tons of more tutorials from the same user – Di van Niekerk, on making ribbon embroidery and stuff! =D
   Now all I have to do is find some hand painted silk ribbon, or make it myself… *SIGH*

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One Response to “Ribbon flowers – it’s THAT easy!”

  1. Madame Says:

    Oh, those are great! Mind you, my results wouldn’t look anything near those roses, of course…

    I tried to make quite decent roses of paper, though: Take one long strip of paper of your choice. Cut out a scalloped pattern on one of the long edges. Fold. Rose! Looks very nice, but use only when it’s not going to rain!

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