Possible solution…

Think these will do? Hmmm…

possible shoes

The heel is ok I guess, but I think I’ll have to re-dress them or something – if I get them that is…

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4 Responses to “Possible solution…”

  1. Lithia Black Says:

    I don’t know were in Sweden you live and if you have bought fabric for your chemise yet but I tell you this anyway…
    If you or someone you know live in a town were the fabric store chain Ohlssons have a shop, go there! Right now they are having a sale on linen fabrics, a super soft almost sheer 100% linen fabric for 49 SEK/meter if you buy 3 meters or more. They have them in a lot of colors, so I bought some white for a chemise and some blue for an (under) petticoat.


  2. Lauren Says:

    They look perfect for covering, although they also look so darn cute the way they are! tough choice, but the 18th c. version will be amazing, I think!

  3. Edith Says:

    Those shoes are adorable! You could make shoe spats in a fabric that coordinates with your outfit. I would recommend you NOT cover them, because if you change your mind, it’s hard to unglue fabric from leather.
    Make some that are removable, that you can slip on and off, held on by an elastic underneath! Like this:

    They’re quite effective, and look adorable, while giving you the freedom to change them up.

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