Update on progress and trim ambivalens

I am glad to announce that I have not yet fallen for the evil temptations of my new fancy sewing machine and I have soon finished one whole pocket hoop all by hand (and a little on the other one too)! When one is finished I’ll start making the pattern for the pet-en-l’air, I hope to finish it today; there’s not really much left actually! =D
   I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I’m planning on using a box pleated trim for the pet-en-l’air… Well I am, and when I bought the pinking scissors I also bought a light beige fabric to use for that. It’s a cotton satin mix, but I couldn’t find anything that looked more natural – it actually matches the very slight shine of the main fabric perfectly, it will look sooo great! I’m thinking I might use the box pleating for the stomacher aswell. =D
   I have stumbled upon a dilemma though. You might know that Robbie’s grandmother passed away some time ago and that I have had the honour of “inherit” some of her old curtains, laces and other sewing material. Since the last time I reported about some stuff I got I have gotten even more great material (I’ll blog everything later). Among other things I found a wonderful light beige and gold trim, it seems like the gold part actually is made of some kind of metal too, it’s really heavy:


So this is my dilemma: it would look fabulous with the box pleating on the pet-en-l’air, but I already had in mind to make a fly fringe… I want to run the trim straight over the middle of the box pleating. But I had a look through my folders of 18th century dresses to see if it was at all common to do it that way and I only found examples of this kind of trim used to trim the edges of a box pleating =/ :

Trim det

I want to be picky about this, but maybe I’m too picky? I don’t have enough of the trim to use it in this way… =/
   You know what? Deep down I feel I already made up my mind, hehe ^^; It will take sooooo much time to make a fly fringe – I’ll make it for the robe á la francaise instead! ^^

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One Response to “Update on progress and trim ambivalens”

  1. Lithia Black Says:

    Hi, I’m a new reader, stumbled upon you when doing research for my first try att 18th centrury clothing. It’s a bit funny, I also face the same problem you do, with limited amount of fabric and on a budget.
    I will also do a pet en l’air and petticoat combo.
    Anyway, thank you for a great read!
    And if you ever want gold or silvertrim in the same style as the one you showed on the photo I must check out this ebay seller:
    Good luck with your project!


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