Pocket hoops pics

Now these pics are a bit old since I have gotten much further in the progress, but since you allways seem so photo hungry…:

Cat bedThis is the fabric before I did anything to it. My constant little helper Sol the Cat helped me keep an eye on the fabric until I was going to use it… Yes – indeed that grey fluffy stuff is cat hair!

boningThis is the boning, aka spring steel tape used for clearing drains and sewers. Here all cut up, ends filed round and taped with electrical tape to minimize tear on fabric.

detailIt seems that almost everything they made in the 18th century had small curious details of decoration and finesse. So when I hemmed the small opening for the pocket I amused myself by making a little flower at the end, hehe. ^^;

heapA heap of unfinished pocket hoops…

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2 Responses to “Pocket hoops pics”

  1. Liquorice Says:

    How did you cut the boning? I’m probably using the same one as you (from clas ohlson?) and it turns out my brother smashed the hacksaw (bågfil) before he went to the States :/

    • Maria Says:

      Hey! Hope you read this! =) I went to my handy-man father-in-“law” and he had a “bultsax” or something that he cut it with – and very easily so! =D

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