Pinking scissors – check!

Yesterday I bought myself a pair of pinking scissors from Prym, don’t know how good a brand it is, but they were quite expensive so I hope they’ll do the job (haven’t tried them yet).

Prym Pinking Scissors

I’ve heard it said that the zig zag version isn’t the most accurate for the 18th century, but I have quite a few pictures in my folders that suggest otherwise. Other resources clearly show that zig zag patterns were used, but mostly within a scallop pattern…


And then I remembered that I found this site looong time ago. There, the writer (I’m guessing Jessamyn) writes:

I don’t own a pinking punch, so I relied on modern pinking shears. The only problem is that they just produce a tiny zigzag along the edge of your material – no typical 18th-century curves. Although extant garments use this kind of straightforward pinked edge, it’s mostly on narrow trims (less than perhaps 2″ wide), not on deep borders…

So I’m thinking I’ll do the same as she has done – cut little scallops with the pinking scissors! =D


And here’s a very cute example of the zig zag used in the 18th century:

ex pinkingImage from Johanna‘s Flickr photostream

I’m using it for a trim for my pet-en-l’air… ;D

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3 Responses to “Pinking scissors – check!”

  1. Swillvill Says:

    But they didn’t use pattern scissors back then, did they? Ack, vad skönt det är att leva på 2000-talet. lol

  2. Vivien Says:

    that’s some dedication!! You probably already know this site, but if not has some scallop pinking tools. I’ve been promising myself one for a while, just never got round to buying one yet, so I don’t know how easy it would be to use.

    • Maria Says:

      Hehe, I did not know that site actually! Thank you! I might actually consider getting myself some of those tools some day! =D

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